Monday, July 28, 2014

Snail Mail Letter from Jacob!

Elder Hamm being dropped off at the Missionary Training Center
July 24, 2014   [note Mom will be removing names and using initials to protect the privacy of others]

Oi! Famila

I am still alive. :)  I am in a district with 3 other outstanding missionaries.  My companion is Elder B and the other two missionaries in my room are Elder L (who is ironically soft spoken but so awesome) and Elder T, who is equally awesome.

The work is hard and most days I only have 5 minutes to catch  my breath but I can already bear my testimony in Portuguese and tonight I will say my prayers in Portuguese.  We have a saying we learned the first day and its more of a "pick me up" now.  It's "todo bem" (to-doe Bain) which means "All is well".  I've used it a lot these past couple days because although the work is hard and the branch president is really strict, I love my companion and my roomies.  There are 3 other elders in my district and they, too, are awesome, so todo bem.

I know there are people waiting to hear what I  have to share whether that's in Brazil or stateside,  I don't know.  All I know is my fate is in good hands, God's hands.  I will be sad if I get my visa within the next 4 weeks because as soon as I get it I have to leave my awesome zone behind.  But todo bem.

I love you guys and miss you, but I know we would only be more heart-broken if I had decided to stay home and not serve a mission.

Elder Hamm
arriving at SLC Airport
With his cousin, who gave him a ride :)
Taking care of a stuff

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