Monday, September 28, 2015


Do you ever tell people that you have been to the sacred grove? Im not really one for bragging.... now that I´ve changed. Haha but no I don´t think anyone knows, its not really something that comes up in conversation. But if they asked I would tell them.   

Do most people in your area have cars? This area is kinda well off so yes they have cars. Haha I made a contact in the street the other day and when I told them what church we represent they said "oh you mean the one with all the rich people?" I said "nope, the one with all the blessed people. and you could be one of them!" Haha its funny how God really does bless us, if we do what is right. 

Elder B gave us some tatoos.  haha
We put them on at district meeting.
OH I FREAKIN MADE NO BAKE COOKIES THIS WEEK BY ACCIDENT! So I was making brigadeiro in the microwave which is just condensed milk, a little butter and chocolate all mixed up and cooked to a boil. and I realized that I had oats from when I make oatmeal. So I decided to mix the oats in my brigadeiro and BOOM! when the spoon left my lips, a single tear rolled down my cheeks. It was exactly like no bake cookies. So that was cool. 

Also we helped a guy in the ward baptise P -an older man who lives near him. It was super sick because it was the first time he baptized someone and he said that it make him a little excited to THINK about serving a mission. haha well its a start right?

So P- is pretty much the man. We found him knocking doors and his wife was the one who really let us in and let us talk with them but after the first visit she would always tell us that she doesnt want us to come back, she would lie to P- and tell him that she met us at a party in the catholic church, she told him that we are of the devil and everytime we try to talk to her she just walks away and closes the door.   So me and my comp made a rule that everytime we talked to her we had to say that we loved her at the end. So one day we get there and shes at the door and said, "I dont want you guys comming back anymore. Youre not welcome here." 

So I dont know why but I wasnt the least bit concerned. Maybe because im used to this response or probably because I knew that God would help me talk to her. So I said "aw really? and why is that Dona M-?" (dona is a title of respect.) 
She said "because I already have a religion, P- has one too and he doesnt want you guys to come back."I said "Thats not what he told us, he told us he was interested and that he wants to be baptized."She said "But this house is part mine and I dont want you guys to come here"So I said "Well if its part yours, then its part his. And we'll teach P- in his part of the house"HAhaha she kinda smiled cause she knew she was beat hahah but she warmed up to us and now she talks to us but not in the same room as P- and P- was so happy that we baptized him and he was so grateful that we helped him. It really is amazing to help someone gain a chance at eternal life. I know that this church is true. I love you guys and miss you all lots and lots.

Elder Hamm


Monday, September 21, 2015

The Zone

The Zone!

This is J. He's super sick and his 4 year old daughter was watching
tangled and every time the prince appeared she kept saying my name.
haha, but there they pronounce it with a silent H, like UH
What holidays have they had in September, what about October? hmmm Setember 7th was the independence day of Brasil.  OH dia de crianças is comming up just to let you guys know. its like Kids day where all the parents spoil their kids. In the United States, its every other day, not just one day. 

Do you leave a spiritual thought with members after eating in their homes? Yeah after we eat lunch we ask if there is anything we can do (not inculding money)  that we can help them with? Then we share a scripture with them with a spiritual thought and say a prayer and leave. Its sweet.

Do you remember anything from your study of the Old Testament in seminary? Hahaha ummmm...... I do actually! Whenever I hear a scripture mastery I remember more or less the words in english and its way easier to memorise. 

So this week was awesome! Me and Elder Gonçalves worked suppper hard and had some good results this week. 

So I was walking on the street one day (like always) and I saw two kids throwing around a football but they were throwing it like a baseball haha So I stopped and me and my comp threw the ball around with them for a few minutes and then their mom came out and invited us to eat a little lunch there and we taught a lesson after so it was super cool. played a little football and after taught a lesson. haha win win.

The red head is Elder C who is from my group!, He's comps with Elder M
and the other guy is Elder G, my comp! 
But other than that nothing much to report. Just the usual.

The church is still true. 

Love you guys!

Elder Hamm 

Monday, September 14, 2015

The only thing that spices up my week is service

What was your favorite non-service activity this week? ummm What do you mean non-service activity of this week? Its pretty much the usual, knock doors, go to meetings with our missionary leader, teach people the gospel. The only thing that spices up my week is service.  

So, how was winter there and how is spring? well this whole week it was overcast and raining.... so that pretty much sucked. But winter is like 25 degrees and spring is 37-45 degrees. It gets hot here in Barra Mansa. 

  Where is your comp from and how long he been out? My comp is from Bahia and hes been on the mission for about 6 months. His name is Elder G and he is the man. So people from Bahia normally are more relaxed cause in Bahia the life there is like Hawaii. Everyone is just pretty chill. Haha so I think we´ll get along swimmingly.

So this week was super cool. So A, (one of our pesquisadors who dating the other daughter of Presidente D) invited us over to his house to talk to his parents. (Actually it was a fight but finally they were all together and we got the go ahead to come over) So on the way there I was thinking and kinda praying about what we should teach A´s parents, who are both very involved in their own religion. So between me, my comp, and the holy ghost, we decided that we should just ask them if they have any questions and go from there. 
So when we arrived it was a warm greeting and so we sit down with A, his mom and dad and start with a pray, as usual, and then ask, "So do you guys have any questions about anything that you would like to ask a representive the Church of Jesus Crist of Latter day Saints? And his mom timidly asked about baptism, She asked if baptism was the end, if after baptism we are saved. So as me and my comp were explaining we hear someone yell "OHHH MULEKE!" Which kinda startled everyone but me... Because I reconized that voice.... it was M haha. He heard that we were teaching A´s parents so he and A and M (his girlfriend) came over to lend a hand and bear testimony. It was a little pause in our message but paid off in the end. 

So after everyone settled in I finished explaining that we have to endure to the end after baptism at which she agreed. Then the dad asked if we use the same Bible as the rest of the world, which gave us a chance to tlak about the restoration and the difference between the Book of Mormon and the Bible. The spirit was so strong when we were talking about the Book of Mormon that R, his mom, started crying a bit. It was really cool and the testamony of A and M really helped them know the truthfulness of our message. 

So yeah this week was a good week. Although M is going to Angra dos Reis to work this month and will only come back on the 23 of October. Josh´s birthday. haha but yeah thats pretty sad. but im good. my comps awesome. and The work is going. haha Love you guys so much!! 

Elder Hamm

ps id send pics but my adapter is giving me problems again... .ill get that resolved soon enough and send them this week. love you guys!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Digging a Well

Questions:  How are your shoes?
  done. finished. over with. Haha but yet I still have them and I am still using them. But the leather ripped on the side and so they are pretty much done. I´ll have to buy some new ones soonish

Think you weigh the same more or less than when you started? when I left home I was about 80 kilos 83 kilos now im at 73 kilos.... thats way light. haha 

Well half dug

But yeah this week we dug a well at some members house. we had to go into the hole that was about 11/2 meters and use a jack hammer to break up the rocks and then use a bucket to lift the rocks and dirt out of the hole, all while water is dripping down the walls. Haha so you have to dig pretty fast. 

but yeah Ill try to send you guys some fotos cause my camera is working now

Me and M and A
bought a universal charger for my battery for the camera and a new adaptor... . lets see if it'll send something” 

Transfers will be this week.  Me and Elder M are staying and Elder C (haha yahhh, my filho na missão) and J are leaving. 

Elder Hamm

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Do they eat ice cream there? yeah I actually made icecream the other day but it wasnt like we make at home. haha it was with a package and flavoring and milk. it was.... okay. 

  Do a lot of women stay home or do most of them work outside the home? almost all of the women here work. Either cleaning other peoples houses, selling stuff on the street, sowing (a lot of people sow) or doing something esle.  but most all of them work.  

Did you fly from São Paulo to Juiz de Fora or take a bus? I flew from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro and then took a bus for 3 hours but now Juiz de Fora is doing more flights so the newbies are flying from São paulo to Juiz de Fora and taking a bus for 30 minutes to the office. 

Soooo I made a cement roof this week. It was actually a second floor to a house and they had one of those cement machines to turn the cement so it was actually super easy. we just put the right stuff in the mixer, rocks, water, sand, and 1 bag of cement. then poured it into buckets and haulled it up to the second story and layed it on the stuff we prepared last week. that was sick. But normally people dont have the money to rent on of those mixers so I was makin fun of the owner A (whos super cool and always trys to make me drive his car. haha) saying that I didnt even work up a sweat so he made me mix like a fourth of the bag of cement and rocks and sand on the ground with a hoe like most people do. And MAN that was a good workout. It really works about every single muscle on your body haha I have a video of it but my camera is still acting like a child so Ill send it later. Then we had barbeque.... Again. haha 

interviews with the prez tomorrow. Im not the least bit excited for that.

OH M. So M is like my adopted brother, He is an investigator in the area of the other Elders but hes also dating A, the Daughter of Presidente D whos family we love so much. So M is always over there and the first time I saw him I kinda froze and thought, "yo this guys could be my best friend or we could literally start throwin' fists right now" Cause this guy, I dunno, something about him reminds me, of me. The first thing you recongize is hes built, like one of the Bells. The second thing is hes got tattoes on his left arm which are SICK. But long story short, even though hes in the area of the other dupla hes already told them that me and him conect more than anyone else. So the other day I was over at the D's and im just outside the front door playing with the dog and he arrives and sits next to me and I could kinda tell something was different. He said "E aí brother. what do you got thats good?" and this was after I kinda got some bad news emailing my friends so I kinda sat there and was like, "I got nothin man, You?" And he kinda sits there and hes like "yeah I got nothing too man. Hey So remember a few days ago when you and Elder M called me aside to talk about baptism? Well I thought about it, and Ive decided on what I want to do." I kinda stopped petting the dog and look over at him kinda smiling and ask, "Well, what did you decide?" and he starts "look you know I want to close my arm with tattos before I get baptised anddd... I was really thinkin about stuff and in one month, I wanna be baptised." And im just like, "seriously M this is about the only good news I recieved today. Im proud of you man..." and he kinda cuts me off "Wait theres more, I was also thinkin about you guys and all that youve done for me. And I was thinking, that, maybe, I decided that I wanna serve a mission." 
And so we hugged and we were both kinda tearing up. And hes like "And you know I wouldnt want anyone else other than my brother to baptism me. Hamm tu vai me batizar?" And of course I said I would and I said, you gonna tell the other guys? and he said maybe later. haha but it was just one of those rare expeirences on the mission where you can really help someone find the truth. You can really show them what they´re needing. Sometimes you´ll help people find the treasure at the end of a journey they didnt even know they were on. That is the Gospel of Jesus Crist. 

I love you guys!! miss you all so much!! 

Elder Hamm