Monday, March 28, 2016


My alien

How do the celebrate Easter there?  Hmm well they have these overpriced chocolate eggs the sixe of Andre the Giants fist that they sell and you pretty much just buy one and eat it for easter but the chocolate is like the same crappy chocolate they make the chocolate bunnies in the US out of. and the good chocolate costs like 30 reais.  

Does the Easter bunny visit? No they dont really talk about the easter bunny

Do they color or hide eggs?  I dont think so... not that I heard or saw

Did they have Good Friday celebrations?  Yeah, its called "no one work or answer the door" day. haha they also dont eat meat

What about Palm Sunday? not really

What did you eat at the last meal you ate with a member family? Rice and beans of course, and some lassanga which was super delicious. haha it was awesome. 

SOO yeah this week was just a bunch of expierencies. all of them I will not tell and after here I will write them in my journal and maybe one day you can all read them all.

So we had a HUGE miracle this week with investigators at church. So we quit teaching this family on Wednesday because they have never gone to church and weren't really progressing because they weren't reading the Book of Mormon and stuff so it was sad but we just said that in this search for truth, they weren´t doing their part. So that was sad. And come Sunday we were trying to hit the standards of excellence which is 10 lessons with member, 20 other lessons, 5 dates, 4 investigators at church and 140 contats. We had it all within reach but investigators at church. We had 6 who said they would go but only one for sure. So we prayed for a miracle. We got down on our knees and prayed that we could have 4 people at church so we could get this pattern of excellence and show our zone how to work hard. So come church we only had one, (because our other one was baptised on Saturday so it didnt count even though she wasnt a member until we confirmed her that day) so we were kinda sad but happy anyways. And at the end of sacrament meeting we look behind us to see, who? THE MOM OF THAT FAMILY WITH 2 OF HER DAUGHTERS AT CHURCH!!  I was geekin out with joy I was like whhhaatttttttt?!?!?! Then Barlow's like, uh Hamm, Hamm look who's saying the closing prayer!! And I look up and see our other investigator going up to say the closing prayer for sacrament meeting I was like WHATT THE WHATTT!?!?  Hahaha she's been going to church for like almost 2 months now so the president I think thought she was less active so asked her to pray. hahaha I was dying of laughing while she was praying.  hahaha It was just the best.

Also M was baptized!! The mom of the girl who was baptized last week!! So every time she says something really awesome or bears her testimony we start doing the victory dance from "Evan Almighty".   hahaha so when we confirmed her she sat down and started DOIN THE DANCE!! you cant get much better than that. This week was one for the history books. Also the day my Savior Resurrected. haha love you guys!! miss you lots!!

Elder Hamm

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

It's the members

Shat makes a difference for an investigator at church?  It really is the members, the type of greeting they get there. Last week one of the counselors gave a talk on things that I have no freakin idea where he got them.  I was like WHAT?! but our investigators were like, it was so sweet the spirit was so strong there.

What do you think makes one ward better than another? The members and the activities. If they are doing activities and helping out the missionaries they make THE WORLDS difference. Seriously after knocking doors for like 4 hours and no one really wants anything, you gotta go to a super sick members house to get excited and amped up again, and if you're lucky a reference, to go keep working and bringing others to the knowledge. 

Do the trees change and drop leaves in the fall? haha I dont even think fall exists here.... its always hot and the trees I think always have leaves. Ive never seen a barren tree here except when it was being burned or dead. 

I think I have high blood pressure cause everytime someone says something stupid or doesnt understand something I get a headache... Seriously... but this week we had a baptism!! WOOOOOO!! but at the same time was the RS dinner thing so a member in the other ward called us and told us that we should probably cancel the baptism because the dinner would be in the sacrament room and so.... yeah. Thats when the headache hit. ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME!?!? I said really calmly "So you want me to cancel a life changing, life saving ordinance, so that you can have your dinner party in a WHOLE other part of the church?" and she had the audacity to say "yeah thats exactly it im so glad you understand." The headache worsened as I told her the ordinance would proceed as planned and if she had any question to first consult our Heavenly Father and then seek out the branch president. 

We knocked a door of some lady this week and she was actually the 4th consecutive person to tell me that she can't hear my message about Christ and can't visit the Church of Jesus Christ because her pastor doesn't let her. She continued to say "What's gonna happen when I go to your church and like it more and wanna go there from now on? My pastor loses a lamb soo. She doesn't like it" (pastor's a girl).  I said "Yeah if I opened up a Church and didnt have 100 percent of the truth I would be afraid of people going to other churches too! Maybe there they´ll actually find the truth!" and thats when I grabbed my bible. Muahhahah first Hebrews 6. I said "Does this place you go to do baptisms for the dead?" shes said, "Yes." To which I was full heartly startled and 100 percent doubting. I said ya sure? haha and after a few minutes of thinking she said no. So I said so how can this be the true church of God if they dont do this ordinance? She said yeah Im not really interested so I just bore my testimony of the vital necessity of this saving ordinance and she looked at me and said, "but if we were to do this thing how would it be done?" Thats when we entered and had a marvelous lesson about the love of God and justice and mercy and how important this ordinance is. It was great. 

I love you guys!! miss you all so much!! just a few more than a few more weeks and ill be home! haha love you guys!! im praying for you guys always and something cool is our investigators pray for our familes too so its not just me here in brasil praying for you guys. But its our investigators and the members too. I love you guys more than anytihng!
Elder Hamm

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


These are the Elders in my group who served on the Council with the President

This is my zone.  It looks like a freakin ward.  Haha! 

Do they adjust clocks for daylight savings time? About how many lessons you teach each week?  We try to teach 20 other lessons and 10 with a member but we normally teach like 27 lessons and 8 with members.
This is how we do in Brazil

How often do you to exchanges with members? We try to teach 10 lessons with members as I said but we normally don't do splits with members. We normally mark different lessons during the day and call members to meet us at the door or near the investigators house and then we´ll teach them together and they´ll leave after. Its super efficient actually.

So we went to Campo Belo this weekend and it was a long journey. And to come home we had to get up at 4:45am in the morning, leave the house by 5. Get a bus at 6:15 (the bus station was 1 hour walking from their house) get off the bus at 7:50 get another bus at 9 to get home by 12 to get a city bus to lunch and we got to lunch at around 12:45. After lunch we went to work. this is my excited face at the bus station at 5:50 in the morning

So this week I also saw 3 Toucans!!!! I WAS LIKE WHAT THE HECK?!?! and we were in the middle of a lesson about the law of chastity and there was a freakin toucan on a tree across the road (cause we were sitting on the curb teaching) it was the most distracting thing in the world! hahaha I took a picture but it was kinda far away  but the light was like gleaming off of its enormous orange and black beak.

We also went to visit all of the ET stuff on Pday last week. So I got a picture with a flying saucer and an alien. I guess I can cross that off my bucket list! 

Look at this birds wings!!! We walked past this house and I saw this bird and I was like, "no, we are definitly knocking this door." And before I even said my name the woman (who is just like an angel) invited us in and I was like, "wait I have to take a picture of this bird" hahah and shes like "yeahh ive had her for 20 years and she started off yellow and just started changing colors."  haha its super sick

ill try and send more photos next week!! love you guys!!!

Elder Hamm

Monday, March 7, 2016

The mission is so sweet

What are the mission rules (not like worldwide white handbook version but local rules)?  So some mission rules here where they probably dont have them in the united states. We cant play soccer. Why? because americans think they can play with brasillians and always end up breaking something. Some missons cant drink coke, our mission can. We cant drink Terere, (the dankest tea in the world - its so freakin good.) or chamarrĂ£o because its a relaxing drink and and some sister passed out on the street after drinking a lot.  I have a whole little book of extra rules presidente made if you want me to send you a picture. haha

What is your new apartment like?  Ask nate he knows where it is. its good. its pretty big. we have our own room where we have our desks and our beds and stuff so its cool. We are hardly ever home now and when we are home we are dead tired so we go to bed as soon as possible which is like 11 some nights becaue we have to get the zones numbers.

What were the foods you had at the last meal you had at a member’s house? ill answer next week i dont have time this week. sorrryyy forgot about this question haha

So yeah this week was good.. kinda. haha it was tough because we have a LOT of good investigators and stuff its just sad when you lose others. but we need to just count our blessings because we have a lot of people here who are ready to be baptised and hear the good word. 

If someone wants to say that our church is fake and Joseph Smith was a liar, thats fine. I dont agree but thats their right to say so. Now if someone stops me and says that our church is fake because we dont use the Holy Bible, thats where the Samson in me comes out and I get out the bible and ask which path exactly are they on and if they have ever been educated about the real and only Church of Jesus Christ here on the earth. 

This week we helped a lot of people come to church and marked a lot of dates (progress). Its weird, being so close to the end of the mission just kinda makes you appreciate it more. Like sometimes me and Barlow are just walking on the street or laying in bed dead tired and we´re just like, dude, The mission is so awesome. The only thing more awesome is the Gospel. Yeaahhhh dude. the Gospel of Jesus Christ. hahahah its so awesome. I know this church is true. I know Joseph smith was a prophet and I know that the Bible talks about one church, The church of Jesus Christ. The church which Joseph Smith restored and we have the full teaching of him through the Book of Mormon and modern revelation through a living prophet. Its awesome.

I love you guys!! miss you all so much!!

Elder Hamm

To Dad:  you literally have no idea how hard me and Elder Barlow are working. its crazy too cause with this much time on the mission you just know how to explain evertyhing and you learned how to reeally trust the spirit so as long as i do my part the spirit brings to my mind the stuff Ive studied and the stuff ive previously said and boom its like the perfect code for baptism. haha 

hahah Mahonri Moriancumer. I love that story I actually gave a talk on that subject recently and it went really well. I came from the POV of the fact that God didnt tell him what to do and how humbly he came to God with the idea. Imagine what he was thinking. "Im gonna ask God to touch these rocks" it was realy cool. I also found out that me and MM are VERY similar!! He found the beach and forgot about God for 4 years until God called him to repentance, I was only on the beach for 1 ;) though my chastening was similar to his.