Monday, December 15, 2014


The sister who we baptized and her daughter
So for my dads Q´s
I also got a bag of this fruit from a member which
is DANK but I forget the name of it
Do they have candy canes there? 
They have sugar cane, does that count? you can buy a stalk for 2 reals or a cup of the juice for the same price. its sweet they stick this stalk of sugar cane into this little moter that squishes it and the juice comes out into a bowl. Its like the color of your shoes after you mow the lawn, a kinda foggie green. I like it, its really sweet. You can also just chew on the stalk and spit out the wood after you suck all the sugar out of it.

What is your morning routine? I wake up at 6:30 every. single. day. Say a prayer with everyone in our house, (this is mainly a rule made by the president to make sure everyone is up and awake) then say a personal prayer, excersize for 30 minutes (and try not to sleep inbetween my pushups) then shower and eat till 8. Thats when personal study starts, then at 9 I normally make popcorn to eat during companion study, and at 10 I start language study for 30 mintutes and at 10:30 we´re out the door...... in theory. 

Do you recite D&C 4 every day? What about reciting anything else? No I dont read that every day, but I do have verces 3 and 4 memorized which we recite at all of our meetings, we also memorize our purpose as missonaries to recite in our meetings.
This week we went on splits with our zone leaders! I was with Elder S.L. who has 2 weeks left on his mission. (splits are where we switch companions for a day) I learned so much from him its crazy. Theres a huge difference between missionaries with a few months and a missionary about to go home. 
One of the main differences is, the missionary about to go home doesnt really put up with a lot of crap from an investigator. Haha this one guy we contacted was saying how his pastor doesnt like him to read pamphlets or hand outs from other religions. So S.L. says ``what, does your pastor not like Jesus?´´ Then after a little bit he's like, ``looks you guys are nice and all but obedience is pretty important right? so i cant accept your book.´´ S.L. responds ``ohhh no thats fine we understand, senhor lost his agency when he joined this church created by man. Thats fine´´ It was all I could do to not bust out laughing. 

I also learned how to trade things, this week I traded 3 pamphlets for 3 boxes of cigarettes! Haha this is my favorite thing to do now. I have the pamphlet of the Word of Wisdom and go up to someone I see smoking and start talking about smoking and his health and if he has a desire to stop smoking, if he saids yes I talk about Joseph Smith and the Word Of Wisdom and the power of god. Then I say,
``This pamphlet talks a little bit more about our message, and its a present for you, but I do want to ask something of you, a kind of trade. I will give you this pamphlet if you give me the rest of your cigarettes. You dont want them and lets call this your first step to improve your health and show God you really want to change. hell help you if you really show you want to change.´´
Haha and normally they give me their cigarettes which I throw away at the end of the night.

Sooo good news! WE HAD A BAPTISM THIS WEEK!!! She is honestly just an angel. She pretty much asked to be baptised too haha. So I got to perform the ordanace in all white and I think I was as nervous as she was... It was definitely an expierence I will not forget. Her name is T.M.F.L. I'll send the pics too
So next monday I have to go to Juiz De Fora again for a confrence of all the missionaries in our mission. Im not really sure this plan was thought out too well. Haha, we have 120+ missionaries in this mission and we all know someone so everyone will want to converse with everyone else and it will be so hard to get anything done but im excited. But im not sure how christmas will work so ill try and call you or email you this next week to set up our skype of phone call.

but I love you guys! miss you all lots and lots!!
Elder Hamm

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