Sunday, May 15, 2016

Getting warmer

Questions from Dad: 
You said it was cold – have you been wearing a jacket?  Ive been wearing my long sleeve shirts ive almost never worn. Haha, I also have i think 2 sweaters so I was wearing those too but its already gotten hot again.

Did that 72 year old convert get pneumonia?  To my knowledge no. 

Do you serve in just one branch? Yeah I serve in the Sion Branch. There is one more branch in this city called Varginha branch. but our branch is stronger and has more members even though its like 1/4th the size of the other. Haha what can I say, we love to baptise ;) 

So yeah between today and yesterday not a lot happened. Transfers. Elder B is going to be close to Juiz de Fora and im going to stay here and be companions with Elder T. When I lived in staff one of the Elders there was Elder S and he was the man. He's up at BYUI waiting for me to get there. So he trained my new comp and always talked good about him so im excited. haha

Other than that its just back to the old grind. I got a year left so its just head down and plowin. 

I love you guys!! It was so good to see you all!! Miss you guys so much! Cant wait till we´re all together so we can mess around and play cards and stuff. I have a new card game called Truco to play with you guys. 

I Love you guys!!  

Elder Hamm

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