Monday, November 24, 2014

End of Transfers #2

This was my first attempt at making pudding (you guys probably know it as flan or something).  It was good but the third time I made it was the BESTTT.  I gave this one to my district at our district meeting. haha
Sooo this week was good. haha
Questions: What are typical Christmas decorations? same as in the states. christmas trees and lighs and such.
Do they have Christmas lights on the outside of their houses? yeah but not alot and not on the roof. mainly on like the balcony and such. i have yet to see any on top of houses. How do you meet most of your investigators? knockin doors man. we knock doors till our hands bleed from clapping haha. we got 19 new investigators this week! so hopefully well have some good ones out of the 19 haha.

So tuesday night was my comps anniversary of his mission! hes now got 11 months!! woohoo! so we decided after a long depressing day of knocking doors and cutting our only investigator named N because she was in some messed up relationship I won't get into,  that we would go to habibs for dinner bring it home and feast! (Habibs is a fast food place but also a really fancy sit down place).

so we had been knocking doors all day and teaching lessons and were super tired and at 18h30 we remembered that we had to go to a family night with someone in the ward at 19h with a bunch of investigators. AND to top it off she lives wayyy on top of a hill that you have to take a dirt path up a hill to get to (its kinda a sick path). so we are walking pretty fast cause she lived far away and as we start climbing the hill we realize it was 19h05 and we didnt have cell phone credit to call to say we would be late! so we take off like almost running up this hill and our phone starts ringing and its the wife calling to say that its been postponed till quarta feira. and were like THATS IT WERE GOING TO HABIBS! 
Habibs - Spheres

so we go to Habibs at like 19h45 and get some delicious spheres (theyre like little pizzas that cost 1 real but with the deal they had it was buy one get one free so it was perfect) i got like 8 and he got 10 and since it was his anniversary he paid! so i got the Guaraná! Its all in the picture i sent.
so im in line to buy the guarana and we get a call from a RM who's here on buisness and says ``lets get pizza`` so were like yeah definitly! so he said ``sweet ill be at your house in 5`` we were at least 10 minutes from home. so we literally are running down the street with two 2 liters of guarana and like 20 spheres trying to beat him to our appartment complex. haha we arrive and stash the goods and by the time were outside again hes waiting in the car.
So we go get dominoes (which is 1000 times better in brazil) and it was sweet. haha
I also was workin my culinary art skills to make pudding. its different here than the states. its a creamy firm thing that tastes like carmelized sugar and condensed milk. haha its easy to make, IF you have the right pan. we didnt have a special pan so it took more than 2 hours to cook the first and second... the third took 30 minutes cause we had the right pan. haha 
The first puddin was  a mirical puddin. haha seriously it was 23h30 and it had been cooking for like 2 hours so i was like ``aye Elder L, say a prayer for my pudding and lets go to bed`` haha so i stuck it in the fridge and in the morning it was ready to eat! haha so that was cool.
Today is transfers and we're both still here without a phone call so i think that means we`ll both be here for another 6 weeks. so you know what that means? TIME TO BUY OUR CHIRSTMASS TREEEE AND DECORATE THE HOUSEEE!!! haha im so pumped for christmas its crazy.
love you all beijos 
Elder Hamm

ohh and ps. im puting together a package for youssss. yay!


  1. Hi guy !!!!
    Missing you my great man !!! Do you remember my name

  2. Merry xmas to you guy !!!!
    Please come and see me. I am living in Petropolis. Where are you staying in mission now