Monday, June 22, 2015

Barra Mansaaaaa

Where is your companion from?  My comps from freakin São Paulo!!! I freakin love Paulistas man!! I love their slang, I love their accent I just love it man so Im supppper excited to keep working with Elder C. He is awesome!

What is a big difference between your new and old areas? weelll in my new area the members here actually really help with the missionary work and you can just tell that there is a HUGGGEEE difference when your working alone and when your working with members. That and my area here is flat. There are no hills or mountains here so thats a blessing.  Its like 20 degrees (Celsius) here at night but during the day it can be 34 or 20 so you never really know.  haha

Sooo I dont have a lot of time but just to sum it up. I went to a training on how to train with the pres so that was cool. Then I got here on wednsday? (I think, it was quarta feira) and we just went to work. Elder C is sooo sick and its hard to go from an area where you know everyone and everything to a area where you know no one and nothing. But C kept pushing me along it seemed for the first few days and now we're just at a dead sprint. We have been working like crazzzy!!! Our numbers for 4 days were as good, actually better, then a week of working in my last area. But I wanna tell you about this woman we were teaching this week,

So my comp, who im training has the responsibility of inviting people to be baptized. Yeah, the newbie on the mission has the sole responsibility of giving the most important invite that they will receive in their lives. That just shows how crazy the mission is. But we were teaching this lady and she had some doubts about whether she wanted to really take our lessons or not cause she has a 4 year old son who she loves a lot and her mother in law hates her and is trying to destroy her relationship with her and her son and she said she was worried that if she took our lessons and got baptized her mother in law would say something to her son about the church being of the devil and stuff so I just went IN bearing my testimonry saying, "I dont know what your going through, and I dont know about the situation you're in, but as a representative of Jesus Christ I can promise you that this church will only help your relationship with your son." And about the importance of families. man it was so crazy. The tears just started flying as her and I, and everyone present felt the spirit and the love that our Heavenly Father has for each one of us. It was really, overwhelming to see my words touch someone with such force. I know that this work Im doing is really important and that this church really can bless people with more happiness and peace in their lives

I love you guys! ill try and write a little more next time but I love you guys sooo much!!! miss you all

Elder Hamm

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