Monday, June 8, 2015

God will never abandon you

 Q´s from Dad for the week:

In what ways do you think your relationship with the Holy Ghost might have changed since you have been on your mission? hmmm good question. 

What was your favorite testimony that was born in Fast and Testimony meeting?
hmm another good question. Someone this week bore their testimony about prayer, and something Ive really 'bettered' on the mission is my relationship with our Heavenly Father, or God. When you think about it, He will never reject you. He will never turn a closed ear. He will never abandon you. Us, as missionaries aren´t perfect, we just try to appear perfect, but fall short, sometimes wayyy short. Ill tell you about it later but God will always want you to come back to the fold, always with arms open. Sometimes it wont be easy to come back but there will always be your Father in Heaven, The God all mighty, cheering you on to REAL eternal happiness. 

Yeah so saddly Chuck E. Cheese never came back to our house (even though we waited up til 3 am on several occasions, and made preparations for war). Maybe he found another place to eat that wont cost him a arm and a leg... or hopefully less then a paw cause now he only has 3. But yeah other than that 2 different light bulbs in our house burned out with in 5 minutes of eachother at which point me and Elder H immediately blessed the house again. But the rest of the week was pretty calm and nice.  

The other day I got a little mad at ward council when they accused me and my comp of abandoning our investigators at church because there was no one to pass the sacrament. So we had to pass and our two girl investigators (one 16 the other 18) were kinda lost and sitting alone untill Howard got up and told them to sit with a member in the ward and asked the member to help them.  So I kinda really just start going in on everyone, starting with the women who accused us, then with all the brotheren who have the same preisthood as me who could pass the sacrament, then on the women there who had the same fellowshipping duties as me. And that's when I realized that I kinda went a little hard on everyone and kinda apologized and we came up with a game plan of how this will never happen again. 

But yeah, I only have one more week here in Petropolis and its gonna be realllly realllly sad leaving cause I have such good friends here and I literally know sooo many people here. Its crazy. Im gonna miss this place a lot. But its all part of the mission expierence! itll be good. 

But yeah sorry fokes but not alot happened this week. I love you guys! Misss you all so much

Elder hamm

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