Monday, August 10, 2015

awnser to prayers...if that's how you spell answers

What is a popular item street vendors sell there? There is always stands for hot dogs (which is different than the US) and BBQ. The hot dogs are with like 20 different things on top thats like cheese, corn, peas, ham, bacon, egg, little tiny french fries, and other stuff

So this week was pretty sick, just to share a quick story that happened. So we were in our house at 11:30ish at night, Me Elder C and 2 other elders from a different district. We are waiting for Elder M and Elder J to get home from Juiz De Fora where they had a meeting and had to pick up a bunnnch of supplies.

Some side info, J was super sick he was having a allergic reaction to some salad we ate and had already been to the hospital twice and the supplies they were bringing were for 5 districts because our zone in the biggest zone so it would be a LOT of supplies.
So were sitting in home talking waiting for these guys to get there and all the sudden the thought enters my mind that we should go help them. It wasnt a firm someone saying ´we should help them´ and it wanst a prompting. But I know it was divine because of how weird it was that the thought just popped into my mind. So I say "lets go help them cruz." And C is like "Its wayy late and im tried." So jokingly I was like "God will give you strength." and C, who would normally try to desist a little more just said "okay." So we leave and start kinda jogging down the street to the bus station, about 30 minutes from our house. after about 15 we see 2 guys in suits with a BUNCH of boxes on a cart turn down a side road. I had no idea that side road went to our street but I felt like that was them so when we reached the side road I looked up and about 20 yard in front of us I see both of them stopped in the middle of the road in front of a hill and I tell C to run over there and see if its them. So he runs over and sees its them and calles me over to help. When we get there J is super swollen with red spots and M is literally about ready to cry. He said that in the bus station he prayed that these boxes would be light and when they started he felt like he could make it home. But on the way it got heaver and heaver and when they reached that hill he was praying "God please send someone, Anyone, to help." As soon as he said amen they heard the voice of C and knew that we had come to help them. He said that he couldnt have taken one more step and as we got in home we all felt the spirit really strong about prayers. 

I personally love to help people and I am so greatful that God trusted me to be a tool in his hands and help 2 of his servents. Im greatful that he called me to help and not some car or stranger on the road. 
Sorry I dont have time to write more but i LOVE YOU guys!! miss you all soooo much!!

Elder Hamm

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