Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Pooh Bear Chillin'

this is my bed where pooh bear just chills flying kites all day and elder M.  And the falg where the Elders sign

On Mon, Aug 17, 2015 at 2:04 PM, Jacob Hamm <> wrote:
messing around 
Q´s: Tell me about a family there who recently joined the church and what made them decide to become members.

Well something really cool about Brasil is pretty much everyone here is a convert to the church. Everyone has a story as of how they were baptized here and what made them know that this was the right choice. Some say that the had a very slight rememberance of the lessons the missionaries left with them so they knew that they were sent from God. Others took a little bit longer and after a year or two decided that they could stay on the border the rest of their lives as to, be baptized or not, or they could be baptized. this is when they really decided to pray and ask God and thats when they recieved their answers. Really almost everyone here has a story super cool which makes me kinda jealous because I was baptized at 8 years old but everyone in some point in their lives have to come to the conclusion themselves, whether this Gospel, Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon are things of God or are from the devil. There is no inbetween, it is either all true or all a lie. And the only answer we can trust and really receive is from God, through prayers and reading the Book of Mormon and honestly searching. That didnt really answer your question but thats what I want to write. haha
also I found some guns 

Sooo this week I was sick. Yet again, but this time it was pretty tough. My comp C was also pretty sick this week so we ended up going to the hospital with him sunday right after sacrament. But we´re both recuperating well.

I met a guy this week who was a assistante to Presidente when he was in the mission manous. Now that mission baptized like CRAZZZZYYY like this guy was telling me that he had almost 500 baptisms. which I believe cause Ive heard the stories ive just never met one of them. and as i was talking to this guy it occurred to me that I hadnt ever seen him at church and he lived in our area, so long story short, This Legend, this guy who was assistant to the president who baptised 30 per week is now a less active member of the church, is divorced, and doesnt get to see his kids that often. 
So we visted him this week with one of his best friends in the ward A, and A doesnt pull any punches. When we get there he asks us "why didn't God save my marraige? Why didn't he help me when I worked so hard for two years and did so much good?" And A replied with something that will stay in my mind until I die. He said, "Because He couldn't. Were you going to church on sundays? Were you reading your scriptures? Were you having family night evey monday? God couldnt help you because God has rules too, and if he did help you he would be breaking his rules and would thereby cease to be God. God is a just God and sadly that means that if we don't do our part, he cant help us." That hit everyone in the room pretty hard. and just helped me remember that it is by the little things, the small and precious things, are great things come to pass. 

So yeah that was kinda my week.

love you guys!!!! miss you all!!

Elder Hamm

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