Monday, April 25, 2016


Me on the bus with the windows open

Have you been to any wedding or wedding receptions while there?  If so, what are they like?  Yes actually I married a few people here. they are like american receptions. some salgados and cake. nothing super different. 

What was the best discussion you had this week with an investigator?  With a investigator we found in Lavras. She was raped when she was 5 by her older brother and she remembers every little detail. She said she cant get it out of her head and she cant sleep at night and she doesnt know why she still remembers even now, 30 years after. I told her about how baptism gives us a new life and a new beginning. It was special.

One of the things they taught at a regional training this week is that we need to give the young men opportunities to find they can do hard things. What is something you did as a YM that helped you understand you can do hard things? haha probably scouting because every other hard thing I think I kinda found my way out. I dunno. Nothing really compares to a mission because you dedicate 24 hours of the day to one thing. its really nice knowing there is no way to back out and so you should just man up and take it head on. Scouting would be like that kinda. in a way less serious way

This is the church in Lavras
Soooo yeeah this week was pretty packed. We did splits in Lavras and ill have to send you a picture of the church. You wont believe thats the church. haha But it was good. other than the 3 hour bus ride -___- then 3 hours again to get back -___- but yeah then we worked out butts off to try and get our goals and we were SO CLOSE!!!! WE were just missing 2 more people at church... it was super sad.

Saturday we got up at 6:30 and then got dressed for a service project that started at 7:30. It was super fun. Pedreiro stuff. We made cement by hand on the street (which is kinda hard but ive had a lot of practice so I can turn it pretty well if I do say so myself) and then replaced the floor in someones house that was kinda falling apart. Then we had to run home at 12:30 and shower super fast to go to lunch at 1 and then just grindin on the road all day long. it was tought but good. we found a lot of good people who need our help and who need the Gospel. 

Some guy tried to bible bash with us this week, nothing new, but kinda the way we handled it. So he was shouting and stood up and was screaming and stuff and I just decided to open the book of Mormon and read a part to him. 2 Nefi 33 10 11 14 and 15 and it was weird, when I was reading those verses (which you can find on the internet just google it) they were compleatly silent. They didnt say a word. I said ''you can fight all you want you can tell me about how you cant add anything to the bible or about angels can´t announce a new gospel but you can't say anything untill you read this book. so here is your chance, probably last chance too, repent, and read this book. Test for yourself if this book is true and untill you do that you will never know what God has in store for you and your family." they just kinda exchanged glances and said they would read it and then teach US about it. I said "I hope so. Ill mark my favorite chapter 2Nefi 21" ;) haha so yeah it was a whole different ball park reading the book of mormon to someone who doesnt believe in it. The spirit burns.

But yeah im in Juiz de Fora.... again. but this time with Elder Howard!! We renewed our visas here so we´re going home at 5 so we get to varginha at 12h midnight... like always. oh my gosh I cant wait to not have to take a bus everywhere. or go to some place just to pass the time and not work. haha I love you guys!! ill send you some pics!! 

Elder Hamm

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