Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The one where she almooooooost went to conference

What do April showers bring in Brazil if not May flowers? haha uhhh we didnt really have april showers...

Do they watch conference live there, even Priesthood Session since it is late at night? Yeah the sessions start at 1 and 5 and the priesthood session starts a 9 so we cant go....

 What was your favorite talk?  President Uchtdorf. That dude is the man.

And President Monson gave a good talk. I liked that. Keep on workin hard and endure to the end like Thomas S Monson. That dude is a trooper. But yeah im workin hard. The other day president was here right and he was thanking us for our work and knows we´re trying to lead the zone to get better numbers and being an example is the best thing we can do. Everyone here isnt even getting half the numbers we´re getting and its just lack of interest. Its sad cause this is only 2 years. Im workin hard and ill work hard cause im not about to lose all of my blessings in the last 11 weeks. haha Next week ill be in Juiz de fora. haha thats a 7 hour bus ride. but what can you do? 

So this week we had some more miracles!! So we were doing contacts between the sessions of confrence and everyone we were talking to was just ignoring us... like we started flagging down people just to see if they could see us cause at one point I thought I was invisible.... So Elder B was getting wayyy more rejected than I was haha poor guy.  So I was like "oh B dont get down man. Satan is trying to get to you. He knows you'll talk to some super elite person soon and he doesn't want you to make that contact." and B's like, yeah and the next girl walks up and we stop her and she TALKS TO US! But she said she lives with like 3 pastors so we probably couldnt go over there. so we leave a card and take like 30 more steps and then think, well conference will start soon so we should probably start heading back. So we turn around and that chick is walking toward us, which means she turned around too. haha.   So when we get close i say, What are you lost? haha and shes like, no I was gonna get acai but its closed... So I was like, uhh we just walked past it, its open. She was like, oh it looked closed. So we both start walking in that direction and Im like, so have you lived here a long time? And I swear she didnt even answer the question and she was like, What's your religion about? And we give her the watered down version of the restoration based off of revelation like Christ's church was and tell her we got all of this from revelation and we can prove it in the Bible. She was like, this is just super weird. haha she was pretty straight forward but we kept talking and she started understanding and we invite her to conference and shes like, "this is all too weird" and im like, why? She said when she left home she prayed that God would talk to her. And then we stopped her. After we walked away, the spirit told her that she should talk to us again. Thats why she turned around. I said "this is way to weird... you should hear what I said to Elder B right before he talked to you!" and we almost ALMOST got her to go to conference. But instead we made her pull up conference on her phone and watch it while she ate acai. 
We're gonna go back there this week and see if we can teach her. 

We also left lunch late on sunday. we left at 12;50 and were like a good 35 minutes from the church. We were devastated. it was so sad. So as we start walking and our former investigator passes in a car and is like, Hey do you guys want a ride? I was like oh my goodness I cannot believe this. its crazy. God works so hard to take care of us and to take care of his children. He definitely is helping us out wayyy more than I ever thought. I am so grateful for his help. 

Conference was super cool. it was super good this time and for the first time I reeally was excited to hear them talk like every single one. I remember how freakin hard it was for me to sit and watch conference at home and it was just torture haha but now I really like it. It was really good. Elder Uchtdorf gave a super good talk. I loved it and so did my investigators!

Haha!  And I definitely thought of family councils when they talked about it.  I explained that family councils are the worst.  haha!!  3 hours of quoting movies and reminiscing and 20  minutes of planning.  haha Come to think of it, sounds like our weekly planning here on the mish.  

I love you guys!! Miss you all!!!

Elder Hamm

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