Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Elder C

Which companion taught you the most and how/why?  Hmm well they all have taught me different things but I think Elder C really taught me a lot about how I can't control other people I can just be paitent and let him do what he wants. 

What is your favorite scripture right now?  hmm well today I read Alma 21 where the king there talks about how he will give up all his sins to know God. I thought that was a really interesting message. But my favorite of all time would be in Mosiah, I think... where Alma asks God about what he should do with all the members of the church that are doing really bad things and God talks about repentance. I dont remember where it is right now but when I find it ill send it to you haha

What is your favorite tie? I Have a lot of favorite ties. you can probably tell by the fotos which tie I wear the most. 

But yeah this week was pretty normal. Im geting on a little early because we´re going fishing soon so thats gonna be fun!! WOOO!

The zone confrence was awesome! it went really well. This is a group of really good missionaries who love the Lord and love to serve. Im really sad that was my last zone meeting but it was a good one. 30 in attendance. hahah it was the size of some wards here. I gave the training on studying and how we can study better. It was awesome. Presidente gave that training on tuesday so really i just passed what he told me to pass on. But yeah Im gonna keep working hard! im super determined to baptize a few more before I go home!! I love you guys!! miss you all a ton! 

Elder Hamm

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