Monday, March 23, 2015

Birthday wishes


 – How do they celebrate birthdays in Brazil?  Literally they make that cake that The Friaça´s make all the time. Its chocolate cake and you cut it in half and put brigadeiro in the middle then you make more brigadeiro and put creme de leite in it so its a little more like a liquid and then you put the bird poop brown sprinkles on top. its pretty freakin good. But everyone and their dog has a birthday in March here so we already made 5 cakes this week so I told my comp NO MORE CAKES!- Tell us the background story about one of the people you have met there and how they came to be converted to the gospel. hmmm that seems like a long one so ill write that in a letter..
Good news! So I took my shoes with the holes in the bottom to a store that repairs shoes! he said hell replace the soles of my shoes for 40 Reias!!! which is better than buying 100 Reias shoes that will last 3 months. So as of wednesday I will have good shoes to wear. haha
Other thing. the other companionship had emergency transfers and guess who arrived?!? Elder H!!!! My buddy from the MTC!! Well at least half of him arrived here.... He lost 20 kilios already! Its crazy, but yeah.
This week was pretty normal. Something kinda dissappointing happened this week. We had a date to baptize the sister of A on Sunday but she said she didnt want to go to church. when I heard this I was kinda suprised at my response. I was on the phone with A and she told me and so I kinda paused for a few moments and then said "Não quer, não quer. Fazer o que?" And then she kinda paused and just kinda said yeah.
I realized that even though A knows this Gospel is true, and even though me and my comp know this can give her happiness beyond imagination, AND even though she has already received an answer from God that this is the church of Jesus Christ, no one can force her to be happy or go to church. That's agency. That's the choice that God has given each and every one of his children. The option to choose. And we can only do our part to help her choose the right. So we will visit her this week and we will try to help her realize that this is the best thing for her but in the end, if she doesn't was to, we can't force her to be happy.
Just kinda a spiritual though for the week. I love you guys! thanks for all the birthday wishes! Love you guys.
Elder Hamm

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