Monday, March 2, 2015

Wooo Brazil

Dad's questions: 

Did you get some new shoes?  haha  But! I am trying to find a repair shop to repair my shoes...

How do you get around mostly – walking or bus?  walking, unless its to leave our area to go to church in corrêas or to go to centro to buy stuff or use internet.

Where do you get your hair cut? I cut my own hair cause the first hair cut I got in Brazil was literally the worst hair cut Ive ever had. he cut my side burn off entairly.... like my hair line started at my ear.... you best believe I walked away from that hair cut with the exact ammout of money I arrived with.

Sooo yeah this week was pretty strange. Yesterday we had stake confrence and the president went to our house to visit! And much to his suprise, when he walked in, the other missionaries were in the house grabbing their suits before the meeting! So yeah, Misses Cascardi wasnt too happy.... In fact she said shed call later to talk to us. So today we spent 3 hours straight cleaning and moving things around and throwing things in the trash. But now our house is more clean and Im not afraid to look under the beds and under the wardrobe. Haha

Also! We were on our way to lunch on like, Tuesday and Im in the back taking my time walking up this hugggee hill and I hear some dude saying ´´psstttt. pshsshshh!´´ So I look to my left and in the trees I see some shirtless old man with a big knife and mango all over his hands and I'm thinking, great this is how I'm gonna die, some old psycho is gonna kill me. And hes like ´´shhhhh`` with this goofy grin and points up into the trees. I look up and see like 8 or 9 little monkeys that are decending to eat mango from this dude's hand!!! I'm like ``NOOO WAAAYYY!" I drop my bag on the side of the road and whip out my camera and start taking pictures and hes like, here take some mango! So I put a litle mango in my hands and the monkeys are climbing down from above and are eating mango from my hand. I'm like, this is unreal. 

But yeah This week was pretty suave. Work as usual. Sooo heres a story that kinda describes Brazil...

So me and my comp are takin 5 eating açai watchin some guys skate around (cause my comp is obsessed with skating) and we see a cop car full of 4 cops show up. the two in front you can tell are well trained but the two in the back get out of the car and one of their huge automatic guns kinda fumble out of his hands and falls on the ground. instantly all the skaters start to laugh and the cops walk over there, ```WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHIN AT!!`` and the skaters are like, ´´nothing nothin, it was some other thing we were laughin at`` hahaha so the cop just slaps him outside the head. haha, long story short the kids didnt have any weed or any drugs so the cops left but they did hit every single one of those kids at least twice. Hahaa

Love you guys!!

Elder Hamm

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