Monday, March 9, 2015

Tan socks

 Who did you last get a chance to share your testimony with?  A less active 

What item did you pack that you have been most happy you have had with you?  Hmmm good question... Probably.... My camera haha. Photos here are so sick

What item did you think you should just have left at home? Probably my tan socks since I dont have any tan pants....

Nothing much really happened this week. Just a normal week. 

We did some visits with J a member in another ward because hes awesome and our ward if lame. 

We were teaching a lesson with J and the dude had this little dog who was freakin adorable but he was at just the right age where his teeth were like needles and he loved to bite. So we had 15 minutes to give the first lesson cause he had to work So its me and J on the couch and my comp is in another chair. During the lesson J is literally just trying to occupy the dog long enough for us to give this lesson. He like keeps trying to bite me and J and every time he starts going at me J would grab his tail or something and hed go back to bitting J. Haha So I give this dog a part of my watch to chew on and he seems content with that untill its time to recount the first vision. So I start, ``I saw a pillar of light exactly over his head..`` and this dog bites my elbow!! And its all I can do to not start busting out laughing. So J grabs the dog and I keep goin. ``I saw two personages above my head`` and the dog leaps from the arms of J and starts biting my arm again!! Just going to town!! So long story short I finish the frist vision without busting out laughing and we leave and Im not kidding, Me and J have little holes in our arms and at least 2 parts on our hands that are bleeding like a paper cut. Haha 

But yeah I think its safe to say that dog didnt have rabbies cause Im still here and so is J. 

But yeah not much to tell this week. We didnt have a lot goin on haha

Love you guys!

Elder hamm

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