Monday, April 20, 2015


Other than lighting their floors on fire, what do most people do for heat?  hmnmm don´t know. If I had known of any other way to get heat, I wouldnt have lit my floor on fire.

Do people have cars in your area?  yes and no. only people who have good jobs have cars cause cars here are expensive. But Michael V will be glad, if you have a camry here, it pretty much means you made it. Camry´s are fancy here.

Do most people have electricity and phones? Yeah I think everyone has electricity but some people cant afford to have electricity evey month. So sometimes they´ll go a week or two without power cause they didnt pay the bill and they cut their power, so they have to wait and save their money to pay the bill to get more electricity. and most people have phones here but not everyone has credit to call or to text people. they can only receive calls and stuff. 

But yeah this week was awesome! -__- We had a bunch of people we were teaching and every single one of them told us that they dont want to hear our message any more and one of the families told us that if we come back the dad (who's brothers with a big drug dealer) will kill us with a plank of wood. And I know he will because he already went to jail once for attempted murder. So yeah. This week we will choose a new part of our area and knock doors over there. 

So this week we were walking back from lunch Sunday and we pass these 3 girls and 2 guys trying to move this fridge and so me and H run over there to help and we're like can we help? and this was the first time I really realized that we must look insane. Because they look at us in our suit and tie and are like, are you serious? So im like "dead serious" so I take off my suit coat and roll up my sleeves and they just laugh. haha So we help these guys move this fridge, 3 stores up, through a window (cause the staircase is pretty small) using only seat belts and 2 ropes. Yeah this was some Acme comic book stuff. But we got the fridge up there without breaking too many things. 

So I start talking to the guy, F, who runs this place, turns out its like a place where people without money can get, dental care, doctors, reading lessons, physical therapy, and a bunch of other stuff, for less than it would normally cost. And he's learning english to go to Vanderbuilt Law school! so he presented me to his wife and he said that he would love to have us over to share our lesson with them! 

This was just a hugggeee moral boost after our last family said they were gonna kill us. So yeah im excited to visit him this week! but other than that this week was pretty calm.

hmmm I really need to start writing in my journal more often because if I write in my journal, its easier to remember the funny stuff to tell you guys. Haha. But yeah

Love you guys!! I miss you all so much!! 
Elder Hamm

P.S. This transfer is only 5 weeks so transfers are 5 de maio. 

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