Monday, April 27, 2015


Do you have a favorite scripture? 

1 Nefí 4:6 and the beginning of 7. It says
And I was led by the Spirit, not knowing beforehand the things which I should do.
 Nevertheless I went forth,..."
I really like how Nefi didnt have any idea what he was doing, but yet he went forth trusting in the lord. I realize that everyday when I wake up, I go forth, trusting in the Lord, not knowing what will happen. Its pretty sweet.
What do you study during study time? The presidente wants us to study The Book of Mormon everyday and also Preach my gospel. But I like the bible too so I try to study all three of them everyday. If you open Preach My Gospel, you´ll see that every section of that book has both references to the bible and aso the LdM. And when we have investigators that have questions or we will teach a lesson to someone difficult, during comp study we´ll so a dry run or something. 

What is the public transportation there like? Busses. Here in petropolis it costs 3.20 reais. Which is like a freakin arm and a leg cause in my last area it cost 1.60. But yeah Petrópolis is pretty expensive. The bill for lights went up like 20% the last 2 months. Its crazyyy.

So yeah this week was pretty good. We went around and decided that knocking doors here in Petropolis isnt really doing anything so we decided to work with the members this week and see if they had any refrences for us.
So we started visiting the less active and we would enter, talk with them for 15-20 minutes and then give a short lesson about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Just to help them remember what we have and how important it is that we share this knowledge that we have. So almost all of them gave us references! Which would be the first references ive received since I arrived here in petrópolis. 

So we had a conference with the presidente I think wednesday... But yeah it started at 9:30 and ended at 6... it was wayyyy long but it was a super good training. We met with the zone of Volta Redondo and Teresópolis so I got to see Elder C!!! Man I miss that guy. He was really tough but in the end he taught me so many things and I really miss him. Also I got to see Elder B from my CTM group!!! He's comps with C. But yeah. 

We also saw alot of monkeys this week which is weird because it was kinda chilly. But we fed a banana to a few of them. 

Oh! So we were walking home one night and it was only 8. So we pass a house where a member lives and I felt like we should visit them because only the mom and daughter are members. So we ring the buzzer and she invites us in and shes like, "come with me" so we enter a room where the lights are all turned off and we hear some other people whispering and shes like "stay quiet and hide" and I look over at Elder H and I can hardly make out his face but hes just as confused as I am. So we hear someone coming down the stairs and so they light the candles on the cake and Im thinkin, "ohhhh great we just crashed a surprise party.... fantastic" So everyone jumps out and yells surprise! when the girl walks in. So her daughter is turning 13 and all of the girls from the ward are here and family and im thinking, Perfeccctttttt. The last thing I need is for someone to snap a picture and put it on facebook! Cause then the presidente will see it and he will think that we went to a surprise party for a 13 year old girl! So right after we yell surprise all the family is like, Oh the missionaries are here! How great! and since only 2 members of the family are members and knew us it was a little weird. So the dad, (who's huge and scary and not a member) is like, Sit! EAT! So without hesitation we sit down and start eating little sandwiches they made and so the group of 14 year old girls makes their way over to us and starts talking and before you know it someone breaks out a camera and the song "skyfall" comes into my head and im like yeah this is it.... this is the end... 
But long story short, (or less long) we left after 40ish minutes cause it was 9 oclock. with the address of all the people there cause they saw that the missionaries were actually just two 20 year old guys trying to share the love of Christ. I also asked that if anyone wanted to put a photo on facebook they can, just block Sister C and mission Brazil Juiz De Fora =)

Other than that its just the same ol same ol. love you guys!!

Elder hamm

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