Monday, January 11, 2016

Baptisms and Weddings

My comp wanted this foto....I couldn't stop smiling and everyone was like, "no you're fighting, stop smiling!"


Look I'm Darth Vadar
Do you eat at members for dinner or lunch? We eat lunch with members and we actually have some awesome investigators who like to give us dinner sometimes but everyone always wants to give us Coke or like some cookies or something. 

Are the kids out of school for summer now?  yeah... kinda. Well there was a big long strike in the middle of the year so they are paying for the days off now so some schools might now have summer. haha and this like "summer break" that they are on right now ends in like Feb. 

Where do you shop for groceries? I go shopping in a store called Bahamas. But im not happy about it Bob. Not. Happy. In Rio there is a supermarket called Bramil which is super huge and super cheap. Bahamas is only in Minas and it is not that big and its expensive and the prices are on a crappy electronic thing so you have to like bend down and get eye level to see the price, its just the worst.  

So this week we baptized W. W is 8 years old and super cool and his uncle is a recent convert who is just the best. I didnt think this baptism would do a lot for W but he asked to be baptized like 1,000 times so I wasnt gonna say no. So we taught him everything and interviewed him and baptised him and I gave the gift of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands and in the middle of sacrament meeting he got up and came over to me. I thought he was gonna ask for candy that I have sometimes for the little kids, but instead he came up to me and said my name and said "Obrigado." and gave me a hug. I almost broke down crying thinking that this little kid - this kid who loves getting into trouble and causing chaos, could feel such a difference in before and after receiving the Holy Ghost. it was really cool. 

We also had an awesome lesson with G and his daughters (R was sick so she wasnt there). Where we re-marked their baptismal date for the 30th! we also did a few things the presidente counciled me on doing to really find what they were struggling with. It was funny cause Im always like, Do you guys actually like the church? And everyones always like "Yeah!" So Im like, "and the Book of Mormon? Do you like reading it, do you feel good when you read it?" And they´re like "yeah I know this book is written of God cause I feel the same when I read the bible." So im like so do you guys want to be baptized? and everyone just kinda stays quiet.... hahaha so im like alright i´m lost - like what the heck... hahah I said I feel like this 2 magnets. On one side everyone is saying they love the church and stuff and on the other is baptism... and there seems to be that repeling force between those two things. I want to know what is this force between these 2 magnets.... hahaha so we went and we asked the baptismal questions in detail and I was like alright. So im gonna ask you all a question and you can only respond, "I know this is true," or  "I'm still not sure if this is true." 
Bouquet de Marshmallows.  I'm gonna get
married next.
And boom just like that we found the leaks. They believe in The Book of Mormon, they are just not sure that Joseph was a prophet.  That's gonna be easy to clear up. haha but yeah so im suppper excited about that.

So I was pretty much dying this entire week. I had a really really cut up sore throat and I went for a run monday and almost died. haha I have never had such bad asthma - holy cow. haha I almost blacked out I just had no air. so yeah I had to buy some medicine and stuff.

But yeah this week was good. Today was a sprint since its transfers. We are closing 2 zones which is kinda big. Now we have bigger zones and less Zone leaders. Our district got 4 sisters bigger. so now its staff and 4 sisters and we lost 4 elders. 

So this week M and E are gonna get baptised!! They got married on Saturday and even though they were the investigators of the Assistances, we go over there all the time cause its close to our area and we teach them all the time. Plus me and E have a special relationship cause he works at a Prison so he's super sick  and I just think its cool. So we went to the wedding with special permission from the President. It was awesome. 

But I love you guys!!! miss you all tons!!!


Elder Hamm

Yeah, don't look to closely at it.  Its literally something of Satan.
This is a festival called Filheira dos reis.  

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