Monday, January 4, 2016

Just some thoughts

This is W, a recent convert's nephew.  We prayed and fasted and he got permission to be baptized.
This is our excited face to be baptized!

How was your holiday cooking?  it was almost all barbeque which is about the best thing in the world. In Brasil Barbeque is like you get some charcol and put some nice cuts of meat on the grill with just rock salt. They have some flavored rock salt which is good but there is a huge debate about using it because if you put flavoring on it, it would be like any other carne just cooked over a grill. But I like the flavored rock salt and some Alcatra or Picanha, a good chicken wing cooked to a dark brown. oh its good enough to eat the bones and everything. but yeah my mouth is water so im gonna stop. haha 

Did you make something good?  Yeah I made cinnamon rolls with a glaze. it was delicious.  

Do they have fireworks at New Years? Yeah there are a bunch of fire works always going off here. and they are sooo cheap! In one area where we work they were trying to sell me 12 of those morter bombs that shoots into the air for like 30 Reais. And when I explained that we are misisonaries he was like alright 25 Reais. Im like DUDE DONT TEMPT ME. haha but I did buy a few little things here and there to have a little fun ;)   haha 

So yeah this week was super cool! We taught a lot of people who really felt the spirit and accepted the invite to be baptised. We are working a lot with the members and they are giving us alot of good references so that reallllly reallly helps the work along. We are also doing alot of family nights with members and investigators which is helping a lot with the members being excited about missionary work and also the members. 

Something really hard to deal with these days is the misunderstanding of the bible. I am getting realllllly tired of trying to explain to someone about how God and jesus and the Holy Ghost are 3 personages and about how Jesus has a body of flesh and bone and stuff like that. THERE ARE LITERALLY 1,000 EXAMPLES IN THE BIBLE OF BOTH THESE THINGS. it comes to the point where im just sad. Sad that so many people dont understand the Bible. Sad that churches preach this. Sad that people dont open the bible to actually read it and just take it for whatever Paster says. If people would actually read the bible, like really READ it to know if it was true and to try and find the Church of Jesus Christ, they would find it. "Seek and ye shall find." that is a promise in the Bible. I dunno. I will spare you the rest of my rant but just know The plain and simple truths are in the Bible. They aren´t hidden or secretly worded. All scripture is interpreted through the holy ghost and if you pray before you read the bible, the Lord will reveal the plain and simple truths to you. It is that easy.

So the rant is pretty much because of one thing that happened this week. We went to AC's house (a recent convert) and her parents go to a different church but I count her mom like my aunt. Shes the best and every time she sees me, she wants to give me a hug and so I have to try and fight the same feelings and not hug her even though shes like 48ish. shes the best. So obviously I love her and want the best for her. But everytime we teach like a 5 minute lesson she has a million questions, which is good it means shes learning, and, well, if you think about it this restoration started with a question too, sooo..... But her questions are doubts her pastor put into her head. She keeps putting into her head, wrong ideas about the basic truths. And when I tell her that that is wrong and show her in the bible where its written she gets this face that is so sad and so confused.  It makes me so sad!  She is so lost and I wanna help her so bad but when you get the wrong information fed to you for the last 40 years of your life its hard to take them out of your head. 

Missionary work is so important. SO SO Important. So important that (insert a not so basic truth here) John the beloved and 3 Nephites wanted to stay here on the earth untill Christ comes again in order to bring more lost souls unto him! It was the most unselfish and loving thing they could ever do. Two years isnt a lot of time but it didnt start in 2014 nor will it end in 2016. We have the basic truths, we have ANOTHER testament of Jesus Christ, and we have to share that. That is our duty, that is our responsibility. When you really understand Jesus Christ and his purpose, you want to share that with others. Its not that we hate other churches and only we get to be saved. But we want to help others have the joy we have and help others know our Savior like we do. That's the love I´ve developed on the mission. 

But yeah. that was kinda my week. Ive been studying alot and its been really good. I love you guys!! I miss you guys so much!! hope you all are doing well!!
Elder Hamm

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