Sunday, January 24, 2016

Bible bash só que não

Dad's questions:  
What were some of the strange things about Christmas in the “summertime”? 
All the christmas music about the cold weather and stuff and here we are sweating like pigs.. thats a little weird. Its hard to get into the christmas spirit without the cold weather. 

Haha its been like raining this whole week and kinda cold and im just like "why cant it be snow?"

So yeah this week was Transfers right? Its all just kinda a blur now the weeks are just flying by. 

So as for missionary work this week it was the normal. Visiting the investigators who want to know more and cutting those who dont.

So I have a story I think I didnt tell you last week. So we went over to G and R´s house to teach them a lesson and S was there. He's a kinda cool guy but hes trying to be a pastor and so he thinks he knows everything. He goes to a pentacostal church. So we get there and we left 3rd Nefi chapter 28 for them to read which was cool. So we get there and S was just kinda in a bible bash mood. It might have been because his mom was there this time or because the 2 girls are gonna baptise soon but he was on one. 

So he says, "I have a question."
Here in the book of Mormon, its saying that Nefi was a God. This book isn´t real. 
I was kinda startled im gonna be honest because, well, Ive read this book and I never got that impression so I said "lets open up to where S is and find out whats going on. So we all open to the first chapter in Jacob where in the chapter heading it saids "Nephi dies" then it said in the first 2 verses that Nephi gave a commandment to Jacob to continue writing in the plates. 
S said "So here it saids he dies and in the first verse he gives a commandment, is he God? Did he resurrect? Who is he to give commandments?" 

I looked at the family and they were kinda smiling hiding laughs, so I said, "Who wants to explain to S what those little italic letters are?" and J said that its a summary of what WILL happen. So I said now lets turn the page and look at (quickly scanning the page) verse 12. Read that out loud for us. "And it came to pass that Nephi died." Hahahaha the whole family was laughing pretty hard. 

Then we explain the commandment about writing a history of their people like the bible and he tried to just jump to another thing because this topic was obviously locked. So I get the really strong impression that I shouldn´t even get into it. So I said, "look we are here to teach G and his family, can we continue to teach them?"

And he says "teach me I want to learn!" and we explain that his questions aren´t to learn. He then opens to some random part of the bible and starts reading and is like, "look its like the same thing! 12 apostles!"
"YES" me and my comp almost said in unison. 
"Jesus healing people!"
"This is a second testimony of the Bible Why do you need it twice?"

 I said, If I awnser your questions can we continue to teach G in peace?"
"2 Cor 13:1"
"BUT where does it say that he will visit other people?"
"John 10:16."
I asked G if we could leave him with a prayer.  I left my testimony and got to my knees to pray. S wanted to keep fighting but everyone was kneeling down to pray so he just kinda stopped. Afterwards G showed us a video about different religions but that all of them believed in love and he thanked us for not fighting with S and apologized a lot. It was really a blessing and the spirit that told me not to fight.

I´ll leave you guys with the same testimony I told them that I know the book of Mormon is true. I know that it is the word of God. I know Nefi wasn't a God and I knew the book of Mormon wouldn't say he because the book was written by prophets called by that all mighty God. I know this church is the only true church on the face of the earth that has the exact teachings of Jesus Christ. I know that he leads this church today through Thomas S. Monson and that through the Book of Mormon we can know the truth of all things. I love you guys and miss you all so much!

Elder Hamm

ps. Me and Elder S are going to mark a day to go to S´s house and answer all of his "Questions" haha

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