Monday, March 28, 2016


My alien

How do the celebrate Easter there?  Hmm well they have these overpriced chocolate eggs the sixe of Andre the Giants fist that they sell and you pretty much just buy one and eat it for easter but the chocolate is like the same crappy chocolate they make the chocolate bunnies in the US out of. and the good chocolate costs like 30 reais.  

Does the Easter bunny visit? No they dont really talk about the easter bunny

Do they color or hide eggs?  I dont think so... not that I heard or saw

Did they have Good Friday celebrations?  Yeah, its called "no one work or answer the door" day. haha they also dont eat meat

What about Palm Sunday? not really

What did you eat at the last meal you ate with a member family? Rice and beans of course, and some lassanga which was super delicious. haha it was awesome. 

SOO yeah this week was just a bunch of expierencies. all of them I will not tell and after here I will write them in my journal and maybe one day you can all read them all.

So we had a HUGE miracle this week with investigators at church. So we quit teaching this family on Wednesday because they have never gone to church and weren't really progressing because they weren't reading the Book of Mormon and stuff so it was sad but we just said that in this search for truth, they weren´t doing their part. So that was sad. And come Sunday we were trying to hit the standards of excellence which is 10 lessons with member, 20 other lessons, 5 dates, 4 investigators at church and 140 contats. We had it all within reach but investigators at church. We had 6 who said they would go but only one for sure. So we prayed for a miracle. We got down on our knees and prayed that we could have 4 people at church so we could get this pattern of excellence and show our zone how to work hard. So come church we only had one, (because our other one was baptised on Saturday so it didnt count even though she wasnt a member until we confirmed her that day) so we were kinda sad but happy anyways. And at the end of sacrament meeting we look behind us to see, who? THE MOM OF THAT FAMILY WITH 2 OF HER DAUGHTERS AT CHURCH!!  I was geekin out with joy I was like whhhaatttttttt?!?!?! Then Barlow's like, uh Hamm, Hamm look who's saying the closing prayer!! And I look up and see our other investigator going up to say the closing prayer for sacrament meeting I was like WHATT THE WHATTT!?!?  Hahaha she's been going to church for like almost 2 months now so the president I think thought she was less active so asked her to pray. hahaha I was dying of laughing while she was praying.  hahaha It was just the best.

Also M was baptized!! The mom of the girl who was baptized last week!! So every time she says something really awesome or bears her testimony we start doing the victory dance from "Evan Almighty".   hahaha so when we confirmed her she sat down and started DOIN THE DANCE!! you cant get much better than that. This week was one for the history books. Also the day my Savior Resurrected. haha love you guys!! miss you lots!!

Elder Hamm

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