Wednesday, March 16, 2016


These are the Elders in my group who served on the Council with the President

This is my zone.  It looks like a freakin ward.  Haha! 

Do they adjust clocks for daylight savings time? About how many lessons you teach each week?  We try to teach 20 other lessons and 10 with a member but we normally teach like 27 lessons and 8 with members.
This is how we do in Brazil

How often do you to exchanges with members? We try to teach 10 lessons with members as I said but we normally don't do splits with members. We normally mark different lessons during the day and call members to meet us at the door or near the investigators house and then we´ll teach them together and they´ll leave after. Its super efficient actually.

So we went to Campo Belo this weekend and it was a long journey. And to come home we had to get up at 4:45am in the morning, leave the house by 5. Get a bus at 6:15 (the bus station was 1 hour walking from their house) get off the bus at 7:50 get another bus at 9 to get home by 12 to get a city bus to lunch and we got to lunch at around 12:45. After lunch we went to work. this is my excited face at the bus station at 5:50 in the morning

So this week I also saw 3 Toucans!!!! I WAS LIKE WHAT THE HECK?!?! and we were in the middle of a lesson about the law of chastity and there was a freakin toucan on a tree across the road (cause we were sitting on the curb teaching) it was the most distracting thing in the world! hahaha I took a picture but it was kinda far away  but the light was like gleaming off of its enormous orange and black beak.

We also went to visit all of the ET stuff on Pday last week. So I got a picture with a flying saucer and an alien. I guess I can cross that off my bucket list! 

Look at this birds wings!!! We walked past this house and I saw this bird and I was like, "no, we are definitly knocking this door." And before I even said my name the woman (who is just like an angel) invited us in and I was like, "wait I have to take a picture of this bird" hahah and shes like "yeahh ive had her for 20 years and she started off yellow and just started changing colors."  haha its super sick

ill try and send more photos next week!! love you guys!!!

Elder Hamm

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