Monday, March 7, 2016

The mission is so sweet

What are the mission rules (not like worldwide white handbook version but local rules)?  So some mission rules here where they probably dont have them in the united states. We cant play soccer. Why? because americans think they can play with brasillians and always end up breaking something. Some missons cant drink coke, our mission can. We cant drink Terere, (the dankest tea in the world - its so freakin good.) or chamarrão because its a relaxing drink and and some sister passed out on the street after drinking a lot.  I have a whole little book of extra rules presidente made if you want me to send you a picture. haha

What is your new apartment like?  Ask nate he knows where it is. its good. its pretty big. we have our own room where we have our desks and our beds and stuff so its cool. We are hardly ever home now and when we are home we are dead tired so we go to bed as soon as possible which is like 11 some nights becaue we have to get the zones numbers.

What were the foods you had at the last meal you had at a member’s house? ill answer next week i dont have time this week. sorrryyy forgot about this question haha

So yeah this week was good.. kinda. haha it was tough because we have a LOT of good investigators and stuff its just sad when you lose others. but we need to just count our blessings because we have a lot of people here who are ready to be baptised and hear the good word. 

If someone wants to say that our church is fake and Joseph Smith was a liar, thats fine. I dont agree but thats their right to say so. Now if someone stops me and says that our church is fake because we dont use the Holy Bible, thats where the Samson in me comes out and I get out the bible and ask which path exactly are they on and if they have ever been educated about the real and only Church of Jesus Christ here on the earth. 

This week we helped a lot of people come to church and marked a lot of dates (progress). Its weird, being so close to the end of the mission just kinda makes you appreciate it more. Like sometimes me and Barlow are just walking on the street or laying in bed dead tired and we´re just like, dude, The mission is so awesome. The only thing more awesome is the Gospel. Yeaahhhh dude. the Gospel of Jesus Christ. hahahah its so awesome. I know this church is true. I know Joseph smith was a prophet and I know that the Bible talks about one church, The church of Jesus Christ. The church which Joseph Smith restored and we have the full teaching of him through the Book of Mormon and modern revelation through a living prophet. Its awesome.

I love you guys!! miss you all so much!!

Elder Hamm

To Dad:  you literally have no idea how hard me and Elder Barlow are working. its crazy too cause with this much time on the mission you just know how to explain evertyhing and you learned how to reeally trust the spirit so as long as i do my part the spirit brings to my mind the stuff Ive studied and the stuff ive previously said and boom its like the perfect code for baptism. haha 

hahah Mahonri Moriancumer. I love that story I actually gave a talk on that subject recently and it went really well. I came from the POV of the fact that God didnt tell him what to do and how humbly he came to God with the idea. Imagine what he was thinking. "Im gonna ask God to touch these rocks" it was realy cool. I also found out that me and MM are VERY similar!! He found the beach and forgot about God for 4 years until God called him to repentance, I was only on the beach for 1 ;) though my chastening was similar to his. 

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