Monday, August 4, 2014

God Has His Own Timing for Everything

Me and Elder B, my Provo MTC companion

So as most of you probably heard I got my visa on friday! So I head off tuesday morning to finish my MTC training there. I'm excited but at the same time I'm really sad. My district is full of the most worthy, hardworking guys and I dont think I could have made it through the first week without them. Each one of them has a very strong testimony of the church, and I view each one of them as a spiritual giant. But who am I to argue with the Lord's timing?

My District

Oh so NBD but JOHN H GROBERG WAS OUR DEVOTIONAL SPEAKER TUESDAY NIGHT! I felt star struck as I saw him recount mission experiences and talk about how Fedo (the guy who accidentally cut his leg fishing) literally died in his arms. He still is very moved by the whole thing. I loved every minute of it. 

So if I were to tell you everything I've been learning or all the experiences I've been having, it would be unfathomable. Here at the MTC on holy ground, we're just on another level, haha. (but really). So I wrote down some stuff I learned and wanted to share with you all so here goes.

I get around 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Needless to say I would love to get more, but one thing Irma Pike (Sister Pike my teacher) taught me this week is that sleep does not give you energy. God does. It is so foolish and almost childish to think that if I slack off and sleep in a little longer I will get more energy. I thought that was cool.

The second thing is that this is not my work, I am not self employed and this who two year mission, thing wasn't just decided one day by the leaders of our church. This is the Lords work and he wants it done, I am a simple tool in the lords hand, and he will give me guidence and help if I but only ask. 

I love this work and I am excited to go to Brazil tomorrow. All is well here except for the fact I have to pack all by myself to go to Brazil. I wish mom could do it for me but that's growing up.


Elder Hamm

FAM BAM: so if there is any way you can look up "The Character of Christ" by Elder Bednard - look it up and watch 
it for FHE. Tts kinda long but so cool seeing a prophet talk like that and the talk is so good. love you guys. pics on their way feel free to post them 

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