Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"Voce tem recebeu um presente este ano?"

Soooo this week was pretty eventful, I swore off english, for the most part, and so Its pretty much all portuguese from here on out. To answer my Dads questions, Yes our teachers are straight from Brazil, and they are the most inspired people Ive met here.  They always know what to say to make us feel inspired. One of them used to be in a Brazillian gang and he's the homie. No they do not have chocolate milk here :( but some days they do have cold cereal and they have milk for that, but I haven't been feeling particularly adventurous yet so I have yet to try the milk.
To answer my mothers questions, I exchanged money at the airport at a really good exchange rate actually haha 2,18 or something. We are currently going to the Campinas temple becasue the one near us is closed for cleaning. kinda sad cause São Paulo is super pretty and Campinas is meh. I do laundry pretty much when I wanna do laundry. Since we have almost zero time on p-day you just throw it in one of the 4 washers whenever they're open and they already have soap and stuff so you basiclly just hit start. in Brazil we use Reals (prononuced hay-eyes) they are pretty sweet, I'll send some home. Breakfast every morning is stale bread ham and some type of cheese with some cream of wheat/soup/oats stuff.
On Sexta-fiera (friday) we went on a bus and handed out Books of Mormon in some park in Brazil! it was pretty intimidating stopping people on the street and asking them in portuguese about religion and such. Each missionary had 2 Books of Mormon and a bunch of pass along cards. The first person we stopped was a girl and I was pretty much flat out honest with her when i said me and my companion are learning portuguese but are still pretty bad, can we practice with you? she said sure and we talked about religion and then I asked the golden question of the day! "voce tem recebeu um presente este ano?" I'll leave that for you to translate. long story short she accepted the Book of Mormon and promised to read it.
The gospel really is a present and I love giving away pass along cards, and Books of Mormon mainly because I know what I am giving them is happiness. The gospel is my happiness, its my life and its the only thing that keeps me, for the most part, at bay from doing things that will kill me because I know that I was sent here to accomplish a task, and through the gospel I know what that task is. I know that I was called of God to come to brazil and speak portuguese, even if my stake president set me apart to speak spanish (which my whole district thinks is the second funniest thing, the first being we found out Pão (the a has a squiggly over it) means bread, but also cute boy).
Oh yeah nbd but elder Holland is coming to talk to us on thursday. so yeah
Sorry i'm out time but I love you guys!  All is well over here!!
Elder Hamm

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