Saturday, September 20, 2014

Families Can Be Together Forever in the Lord's Plan

Received in the mail on November 19, 2014

20 Sept. 2014
I’ll probably send it around  29 Sept. 2014

Fam Bam,
            Just wanted to write you guys and tell you how much I love you guys.  We’re teaching this guy today who’s like obsessed with Genealogy (his name is V., pronounced W., who was a referral from someone else so this is our first time with him) and he was showing us his family tree and I asked, which was bold cause I don’t normally speak unless spoken to, “Do you believe families are eternal?” to which he replied no.  We asked a few more questions like about Jesus and God (which everyone in Brazil knows and believes in) and asked if he knew God loved him.  Then we went into the plan of salvation pamphlet and at the end my comp looks at me (my cue to bear my testimony) and the words just flew from my mouth.  I cannot explain how easy it was to tell this man how much joy I felt knowing families are eternal.  Not only was I receiving the Gift of Tongues Mad Hard but also I could see my words touching the light of Christ which is within everyone.  I talked about my brothers and sister and named them all for him.  I talked about all that my parents have done for me.  It was like diarrhea of the mouth, but like good diarrhea…yeah maybe not acutally. Haha.  But yeah it was so easy to talk about my love for you guys and at the end we asked him again if families are eternal and he acted like he didn’t say no in the first place!  He was so sure they were eternal.  It was sweet.  I’ve done a lot of thrilling things in my life but nothing quite compares to staring someone in their eyes and saying in a different language, “As familias poderao ser eternas no plano do senhor.”  [Families can be together forever in the Lord’s plan.]   And just watching him feel it.  I do wish I knew the language better but that will come.  My mission president promised me I would be fluent in 6 months if I 1) will have patience cause I was kinda put out I didn’t now the language.  But I need to 2) be obedient (not really easy for me buts it is becoming a strength) and 3) work diligently at language and with mission work and 4) have good companionship.  I know this was inspired because sometimes I want to kill him.  But yeah just wanted to tell you guys how much I love you and I think about each one of you everyday and can’t wait to see you guys again.  I already got a list of things I’m planning to do with you guys when I get home.  Just simple things I miss.  Simple things we take for granted in the good ol’ U.S. of A.  I love you guys, glad I don’t ever have to say Goodbye forever. 

Love you guys,
Elder Hamm (Brazilian one)

PS – Cake batter here is so not that good….The dry mix or if you add milk.  Just so you know. 

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