Monday, September 15, 2014

Stories everyone but your mom loves hearing!

Tres Rios
Então another week spent working hard and appying gold gutters to my house in heaven (ask brother linton about that reference)

soo for my moms questions, my apartment is on the 3rd floor of a kinda fenced in community. its fairly nice. it has two bedrooms and a kitchen plus a living room where we study. me and my comp sleep in the same room and we keep our clothes and such in the other room. for breakfast its pretty much anything you can round up. haha so normally I have 2-3 hardboiled eggs and a yogurt thats more sugar than anything else. then for lunch we eat at members houses. the food here is to die for btw. its just got really good flavor. And then for dinner me and my comp normaly make some DANK food. like rice with some meat in it with some pasta we add flavor too. it seems here garlic is used in everything but its a good garlic flavor not too potent. Ive been buying an ungodly (not sure if I can use that word but Im gonna anyway) amount of mangos because they are so cheap here! i figured if dad could have an ibc rootbeer everynight on his mission I can have a mango every night.they cost like 3.00 reals (prounced hay-eyes) per kilo. I have no idea how much a kilo is but i can get 3-4 mangos for like 7 reals. it is my relief haha. i normally buy some meat, kinda rolled into a hot dog but instead i think its in a pig intestine (its less gross than it sounds) its like sausage but 10 times better because I dont like sausage. also milk, yougurt, a type of nesquik so I can make some chololate milk (MONEY) and yeah thats about it. oh and pasta. and then garlic and flavoring. we have a washer in our apartment and we just hang our clothes to dry. we normally walk the streets and contact when both our appointment and our plan b fall through. we clap out side of houses when are desperate for a lesson but its not my favorite thing to do.

and on to my dads questions
the weather is hot. hot hot hot. all the time. 34 degrees in the sun! (in farenheit thats hot) there are no farms. just open fields that people love to light on fire. we meet in a church building kinda like one in the states. we have a ward of like 50 members (30 active) that attend every week. im actually really sad that i dont play the piano. as i typed that sentence I could literally feel my mom beaming, she wouldnt say i told you so but my mom was right. I should have practiced the piano. haha so nomally the songs are accapella.  

SOOO to get to the story my parents dont want to read...

so last week on the way back from a meeting in Juiz De Fora (a 1 and a half hour bus ride) I got a call from our mission president which was a shocking suprise. I was alseep and my comp was like the mission pres wants to talk to you. I felt honored. I had already joked with him about being a slacker because i went to byu hawaii so I needed to make a better impression. He asked me about my mission and how I was doing, then the call took a turn for the worst. I could literally feel the call get serious. he said he had recieved a call from the president of the CTM (mtc in brazil) president swensen about a broken laundry room door that on a video that he saw, he saw me kicking in this door to the laundry room..... now i can explain, but later. haha so yeah a tender mercy of the Lord was that the phone cut out because we were in the mountains on a bus so I didnt have to explain my self right there without a little preperation. so heres what happened, the laundry room locked and closed at 7 on monday night and 4 elders in my hall way who had come from provo only two weeks before, had stuff in there and we were leaving at 3 in the morning. so we tried to find someone with a key but no one was awake and we got yelled at for leaving our hallway. (the CTM is one big building in brazil) so last week the same thing happened and some guy was able to just nudge the door and it popped open. So, these guys knowing i would willingly bust the door down with hardly any reason, came and got me and said their laundry was is there, so I tried nudging it and it didnt budge. so the elder next to me kicks it and nothing happens still. so me in my infinite wisdom say, ``no no, you have to kick it closer to the handle, like this`` and boom. door swings open, and I recieve my man card. so now I have to explain to the president who doesnt speak english, why they have a video of me kicking in a door to a laundry room. so I had a meeting with the president on wedensday( a routine meeting everyone has every transfer), 2 days after the call. I was a little worried but I was reading a talk about faith by Richard G Scott and in the talk it said, faith is the opposite of fear. and in that moment I had faith that my mission preseident was called of God and that all would be well. it was very cool. so when I got in there being the loving mission president he is he gave me a big hug and started the interview with a kneeling prayer. after the prayer I jumped right into it saying Im sorry and i want to pay for the door and I will write a letter to the CTM president about how sorry I was and he literally said, (rough translation) its fine, dont worry about it. youre young, these things happen... well maybe not often but they happen. haha he is so awesome. so now every time i get my allowance a little part of it will go to fixing the door frame and will remind me to be wiser. haha.
haha so yeah I know my mission president is a spiritual giant and I know that he is called of God and is more loving that I could ever be.

I miss you guys and Im sending you a letter today!! hope all is well,

love elder hamm

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