Monday, September 8, 2014

First week in Brazil!!

Me and my comp, Elder R


So I'm finally in JUIZ DE FORA!!  the area im in is called Tres Rios. its kinda small and we have a ward of like 38 people but everyone is really accepting of Chirst here which is cool that God has prepared them for the gospel. 

So my trainer is Elder R! He's a brazilero and is super nice and hard working and paitent and pretty much everything I need in a trainer. haha. it truly is a blessing.
Everyone in brazil is so nice. its actually disconcerting. most days I dont say much during lessons because I dont know what anyone is saying and my comp gives the lesson, I bear my testimony and then we call it a team lesson. But everyone is so paciência with my portuguese and is so loving its awesome! I just really wish I knew the language better but that will come in time.

It's weird to finally be out on the streets contacting people and such.Tres Rios really is beautiful. its got a lot of people but its not like super busy or like the city. its definitly country. most days we have to walk pretty far along dirt roads to teach people which I dont mind. its cool. but its a little strange how people like lighting fires here so there's almost always smoke somewhere in Tres Rios. oh btw Tres Rios is in the state of Rio De Janeiro so Im actually not even in Minas Gerais. the food is to DIE FOR. its so good and we always have lunch with members and then were on our own for all the other meals. 

 It's pretty easy to get a referral here since everyone believes in Christ and if you deny us you're pretty much denying Christ. haha! But we went to teach a family out in the boonies the other day and both the mom, and her 8 year old son and 13 year old daughter said they would get baptized in 3 weeks!! they came to church with us on Sunday and everything! I asked the batismal question but my comp gave the lesson. ahah. its pretty exciting seeing people see the light of Christ. we also have another lady who said she will read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it's true and if so will be baptized in 3 weeks so that makes 4 baptisms!! 

It's been a tough week and somedays it seems like all i do is sit through lessons and only understand half of what anyone is saying. Ive been studying so hard and ive been trying my hardest to keep up and understand but if ive learned one thing so far its that the lord doesnt just take away our trials, he gives us strength to overcome them. when Jesus was crying out to the Father in the Garden of Gethsemane, God didnt just stop the atonement or stop His suffering, He sent Him an angel to give Jesus strength. I'll do all I can to try and learn it with the help God gives me, and I know without a sliver of doubt that my Father in Heaven has not forsaken me.
well thats all I have time for! love you guys!!
Elder Hamm
lunch at the mission home with other new elders

Lunch before getting our new companions

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