Wednesday, September 24, 2014

same ol, same ol

(Yo tell the Penas thanks for the dulce de leche. they have it out here and everytime i eat it, its kinda like home and the Penas gave it to us so tell them thanks. also you dont have to put this letter or anything on the blog im feeling lazy today so yeahhh. you can choose what to put up)

soo im just gonna jump right into things, for my dads questions

What is one of the local landmarks there?
well, there is a park with a statue of some dude, does that count? other than that i have no idea. haha

How do you travel around town (bus, walk, etc.)? 
we walk. alot. but we also take a bus if we're feeling lazy and/or are late. and even then the bus is unrelaibale because it could be 10-15 minutes late... if you ask mom, she knows my area (from google earth) and we have to take a bus to santa terizina every day because we have an investigator out there. and we walk back sometimes to get street contacts and it takes foreevvverrrr. 

How do you do your laundry?
in a laundry machine... i just hang it up to dry after.

and for my moms question
Do you think the people burn the fields because they are getting ready to plant again?  no. there is no farmers here just wild fires - ahah
We are at the end of the cooler season and heading into what we would call spring and summer, and it is already so freakin hot. haha

but yeah not alot to say this week. i had a lot of pain in my stomach but i think it was just the food here trying to settle in. I also stopped drinking the water here so that should help too. haha now i have purified water. i also think it was probably just gas so i dunno. i took some advil and realized the pain was actually cramps in my stomach so hopefully they go away. they are already started to fade away which is a relief.

as for pictures! the computer im on (which costs 2 reals an hour, dirt cheap) shuts off after an hour and it was in the process of sending them last time when it shut off so it corrupted my memory card. I gave it to some one in the ward who said they could fix it and they are in the process of getting them back. haha the other american who served here 3 transfers ago did the same thing so now all americans arent only rich, but also impatient. haha

our baptisms fell through because our family of 3 were in the hospital all week (or so we think) because the youngest one who's 5 years old has a bacteria in him.

every day i think about how lucky we are to live in america. how lucky we are to have good medicine, clean water, clean streets. I feel kinda sheepish thinking about my house that I live in, in comparison to here. it really just puts everything into perspective when you see how people live out here and how happy they are just to have the simple things in life.

oh get this, this week i will be teaching a class about learing english at the church. yeah, so Ill be sure to tell you how THAT goes. haha i figure between me, my comp, and this guy who is not so good at speaking english in our ward, we got this covered. haha since everyone wants to learn english its a great way to get investigators to come to our church, interact with members, learn english, show them some church dvds in english... yadda yadda yadda. so yeah that will be interesting.

 everytime i get on the computer i always blank about my week and about my expierences and about all the things i want to talk about. so i write them down and you can read them 4 months after they happen, thank you brazillian mail.

love you guys miss you a lot.
elder hamm

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