Monday, October 13, 2014

1st transfer over

What do you use for shampoo? umm, the shampoo i took from the house. haha i still have american shampoo. 

Do they have delicious candy there they don’t have here? yes they do its called balla. (like ballin but with an uh at the end) and its like starbursts but more of a fruity flavor. they're shaped like a tootsie roll but are fruity flavors. it costs like 3 reals for a bag of 50-60. i'm already addicted.
Are the streets full of buses or cabs or bikes or what? literally anything that moves without you doing much, is on the road... bikes, motorcycles, cars, trucks, a lot of old VW bugs, horses, bikes, bikes with engine...

oh yeah another thing here, they use salt as a flavor.... so like ``how would you like your chicken?`` salty.
wow these are really good potatoes. what flavor? oh they're satly. yeah needless to say its easy to down 2 liters of water before i go to bed.

so yeah this week i had some interesting food... not sure if i said this last week but we ate the heart of chickens this week. yeah that had a really unique taste. they are like really condensed meat and they just cook them in a sauce pan. my comp said they're really good so i took like 5-6 and he had 10ish. i still cant look a chicken directly in the eye knowing i've ate their hearts.

yeah if you thought a heart of a chicken was bad... just wait.

so at the same house a week later she had some deep fried triangles... no idea what they are all i heard was the word chicken... so i pop one in my mouth. it was really crunchy and not alot of meat but it was pretty good. so i ate a few more and my comp ate one. im chewing on like my third and hes kinda laughing... and im like great. so i ask what type of meat this is? he says chicken. so i eat another. then with a puzzled look and a question i dont really want to know the answer to i ask, ``elder what part of the chicken is this?`` thats where he kinda lost it and was laughing for 5 minutes quietly so the owner of the house didn't hear who was next to the house in the store she owns. he then asks for my english to portuguese dictionary to make a phrase in english, (we do this a lot to help his english and then he just says the phrase in portuguese after so i get the best of both worlds) he then says in really really bad english, chicken buttox?..... he repeats it and i guess the look on my face gave away that i could now understand what i had just eaten like 10 of... and we start laughing all over again. then he asks, you like buttox?

so this part of the chicken is right above the butt of a chicken. it is like a flab of skin with i think a spine going down the middle... turns out people dont really eat the spine, but i did. it was like eating deep fried salty sunflower seeds with the shell on. i was picking pieces of chicken vertebrae out of my teeth for the next 40 minutes... but they were actually pretty good. haha

so yeah thats my week in a bundle. i had my first person who i know believes this church is true decide not to get baptized after the LZ came down and interviewed her and said we could baptize her sunday. thats depressing but we'll continue to pray for her and give her strength to decide that this is what she needs. its just annoying because she knows our church is true and that she needs to be baptized but shes just very timid

well i love you all!!! hope you had a good week! transfers are today but im staying here and my comp is leaving :( but all is well i'm ready to learn more.

love you guys!!!

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