Sunday, October 5, 2014

sooo 1/12th done with the mission what?

In front of Sao Paulo, Brazil temple

Questions from my old man: What is your apartment like?  its on the 3rd floor of a appartment building. it has a big room where we study and such and then our bed room is behind it. we also have a seperate room for our clothes and our ironing board and such. we have a small bathroom at the end of our hall and a kitchen where we make our dinner feast! haha

Do you have windows? yes in almost every room we have a window and a celing fan. no ac. not very man bugs but there are alot of stray dogs and cats, and some of the dogs are so freaking cute its impossible to not touch them- ahah, and every animal here has fleas. you can see them scratching and biting all the time..

older photos:  Brazil MTC Mission President and his wife
but yeah so the news for this week is we got a call from the prez this week (which is always a worrysome thing now)and me and my comp are actually getting a kid who is putting in his mission papers but his parents want him to get some in field expierence before he leaves for his mission so he is going to be in a trio with us for who knows how long... yeah so now he's gonna be with us so there's that. 

its crazy to think that im already 1/12 done with my mission already... its kinda nice but kinda sad at the same time. its crazy how the days are just flying by and it really is a blessing and kinda a sad thing. 

Enroute SLC-->Brazil
not much happened this week, we were suppose to have 8 people come to church with us this week! but when we knocked on all their doors sunday morning all of them either didnt answer or couldnt come because of other things. so this week were gonna have to do some deep prayer and evaluation and see who really wants to recieve the gospel and who is just wasting our time and the lords time because they dont know how to say no. 

we did two service projects this week! my favorite actually, we cleanded our chapel becasue its always dirty and me and my comp were tired of it so we rounded up a few people and cleaned the whole thing! and we're probably gonna have to do the same thing next saturday so thats fun. we also helped some lady in the sisiters' area clean out her house and yard. shes owns a farm with pigs and chickens and other things so we got to chase the little pigs around the farm and try and catch them, that was a lot of fun. and also one of her 15 dogs just had a litter of puppies so i held a new born puppy who was nawing on my finger for a solid 5 minutes. haha that was fun but a lot of work.

 she had bags all over, and leaves and bottles and plastic it was a mess, so me and my comp made one big pile and she just lit it on fire at the end haha, i thought, well thats one way of doing it...

so yeah thats my week, i love you guys and i miss you so much, i sent mom some pictures! look at the date to figure out where they are from or what time haha me and my companion had a deep study of the bible and book of mormon the other day and this gospel truly is unique and truly is the most correct church on earth. ah its just so crazy im excited i have the opportunity to share this gospel with others and help them receive joy and happinesses in this life and the life to come though the gosepl of Jesus Christ. 

love you guys. not a day goes by i dont think of my family 

love you,

Elder Hamm

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