Monday, October 6, 2014

Birds in the Chapel

so this tree me and my companion think is the tree of life. it is just in disguise so no one eats of the fruit and be damned to live in sin for all eternity. jk
How do you say Hi in portuguese? welllll thats actually a really hard question and really easy all at the same time... ahah, oi! is like hi. but people say 1,000 different things to greet eachother... its actually pretty sweet. like, tranquilo, beleza, todo bom, bom dia, boa tarde, boa noite, literally a thousand things.

Questions from my dad: who was your favorite speaker? well, i didnt understand much so i'll answer that question when i get my hands on an english copy of the ensign. 
Do you have microwaves in your apartment? yes, yes we do and my companion actually made toast in it the other night because our oven was really slow and we wanted toast. yeah bet you didnt know a microwave could do that.  Does your mission president have a car? yes he does

sooo this week was general confrence and me and my companion had kinda been running all over the place this week trying to get things done, savin souls and whatnot, so we didnt think on saturday that we would be able to make it to any sessions of general confrence. fortunately the lord had other plans. saturday morning i look at our schedule and realize it is the most inefficient thing i have ever seen. we were taking busses all across town only to return and take another bus and so i mentioned something to my comp and after 20 minutes of arguing and me giving in, HE came to the conclusion that our schedule was pretty inefficent, so we rearranged some things and made it to almost all of both sessions of confrence! BUT they were still in a different language so i didnt understand much...

also during conference 3 birds deicded to just fly into our chapel. literally no one batted an eye (get the pun there. bat is also a bird) but really no one cared that we had a bird flying around the chapel just chillin on one of the fans. it was pretty cool. 

yeah so you heard spanish and portuguese this general confrence, now tell me, which sounded cooler? ;) haha (s/o to my older brother)

after conference on saturday i really wanted some homemade pizza and priesthood session ice cream social. it was a depressing thought being this far away from home but i know that if i came home i would only be more sad. 

love you guys!!! miss you!
Elder Jacob Hamm

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