Monday, October 20, 2014

2nd transfer! (No campo)

first my dads questions:

Are there any lakes, rivers, or streams in your area? yes there are a few streams going through the town and i think 2 big rivers that surround the town.. haha but they are all so dirty its disgusting. they smell just RANK and in the heat you can smell the rivers and gutters from like 20 feet away. the water is a kinda dark sludge like thing that bubbles. yes bubbles. it has a turbidity of probably an inch.  
Is it humid there? no and that is a tender mercy because this week it was 45 degrees celcius. in farenheit thats about...on fire. (MOM: 113F). me and my comp were literally dying. but no almost no humidity.  we are sweating like dogs during our lessons... we have to carry around little towels because sweat starts drippin on our panphlets and gets them all wet.
What fast food restaurants are popular there? haha mcdonalds is like really expensive. like its kinda fancy.. it costs like 20 reals for a big mac meal. haha no dollar menu here. umm Habibs is really popular. look it up its kinda hard to explain. its like a hand held pizza thing that pretty good. i mean its fast food so its not gonna be excellent. they have subway (with alot better meat and cheese and topping selection) pizza hut, yeah thats all i know about so far.

So we did have transfers this week and i did have to say goodbye to my trainer. it was sort-of a blessing. haha I learned alot from Elder R but you really need two different trainers to get the hang of whats right, whats wrong, and what is habit of someone. 

My new compainion is Elder L. he is a amazing missionary. Just by hearing the lessons he gives and the way he talks to people i can tell he is a amazing missionary. pictures of him will have to wait till next week.

we must of knocked on like 500 doors just in 4 days. He works so hard and were trying to get a new group of people to teach. needless to say we have a few.. haha but yeah I actually really like knocking doors because you never know what youre gonna come across.. ahah well chat with people who hate mormons and dont want to hear our message, but love the missionaries. 

its weird no matter what religion you are or wether you like mormons or not, you like the missionaries. haha we dont do much but share messages about christ and be nice to people so we´ll talk to people who have told us they dont want to hear our message, but will still invite us over to eat or to talk. haha. its awesome. 

but yeah this past sunday when i left church, it was an idaho summer kinda day. it was sad. it was hot but not too hot, a slight breeze, people chatting and the faint smell of gas. we were walking home. it made me miss home. haha but thats life

oh Btw we only have water for the next 18 days. if it doesnt rain with in the next 18 days... no more water.. haha i have yet to pray for rain because i want to see what Tres Rios does when we run out of water. im not praying against everyone but then again im not praying with everyone either... so dont pray untill 20 days from now. haha thanks jk

I love you guys!! i need to remember to upload pictures first because they take literally like 10 minutes to upload love you guys!!!
Elder Jacob Hamm

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