Monday, January 12, 2015


so this week I literally only have bad news.... But this week has been the best most fun week of the mission yet. how? I really cant explain so ill just tell you all what went down this week.
so it started at the bus station when my bus arrived late and so I missed the bus to Cascitinha with my whole district so the assistant to the Prez said that I will be traveling alone... and the sprinkles on top is the fact that I had to wait. all alone. in the bus station. for 2 hours. alone. for my bus to cascitinha. (*side not to my parents the 100 reais i sacked out of the card was for a little cart for my luggage that I strap everything to. its literally impossible to make it through transfers without this cart. ill send you a picture next transfer)
So I get to Cascitinha fine and my comp Elder C is waiting for me with Elder S (americano) and Elder F (chilean? chilliean? hes from chile, also from my group in the ctm). So we take a bus to the house and when we get there I see that the house only was made for 2 Elders but since this area is difficult it has 4 missionaries... In a 2 missionary appartment.
So my luck is that we live right next to the chapel!!! which is currently going under reforms which will take 1 year to complete so every morning at 7 we hear them drilling away and hammering. Well I hear it cause im normally the only one up at 7.
So since this chapel is under construction we have to go to a chapel in Correas which is a 50 minute walk from our house. so the members are trying to work something out where we have people giving rides to our investigators and to the people who dont have cars cause by bus it is 30 minutes and costs 4 reais. 
So our area here is straight hills. No joke. We have these cement stairs going up the mountains in all different directions and thats pretty much our area. like 4 cement stairs per mountain and we have like 5 mountains in our area. sometimes it takes 20 minutes just to climb up to the top of a mountian to visit a recent convert. It is a pain. ill send you a picture. The view though is to die for. 
And our house, you ready for this? the faucet is like a broken cap to a water bottle. you just keep twisting and twisting and twisting and the faucet never stops so we had to replace that this week without turning off the water cause there no way to do that. needless to say it was a wet experience... but we did it! Then I went to open the bathroom door a few days later (which only had 2 working hinges to begin with) and ripped it off the wall.... so we're trying to fix that as well. and the freezer was literally all ice when i got here so we defrosted it this week and it was like i was ice picking for buried treasure but instead of treasure it was raw frozen meat and yellow ice... yeah. 

The water comes out of the faucet a yellowish tint but I havent died yet! Me and my comps beds are the original beds in the house so to make room for the other 2 beds they ordered 1 bunk bed and just kinda put one bed on top of the other. So really my comps bed is secured ontop of mine with 3 bic pens we stuck in the holes we made in the bed so yeah... Im kinda just waiting for the bed to fall on me but its whatever. 
so yeah thats my week so far. Its freaking awesome and If I told you all the stuff me and Elder C did this week it would take up like 3 huge emails! and I dont have time. But this is by far the best week of the mission yet. Hahaha Im excited to work with elder C and yeah love you all. ill write down the stuff that happened this week and send it in a letter! Its awesome! love you guys miss you all so much. AYE AND when josh comes home I dont want none of this prodigal son has returned! you better call him kemosabe for at least a week, which mean wrong brother.
haha te amo,
Elder Hamm

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