Monday, January 5, 2015


Dad's questions: 
Where you are now, what do people live like?  people here live fairly well. im still in tres rios but I am being transfered tomorrow to Petropolis, I forget the name of the city but its like Cascatinha, im pretty stoked
Are their homes nice?  they have nice homes and they have really really bad houses.
Do they have running water?  Do they have electricity?  For the most part yes they have all of this. I have yet to see a house without water and electricity. Electricity here is sketchy though its like a wire entering your house that goes to a few appilances
Do they have warm showers? Yes but when its a constant 30 degrees you dont want to use warm water. 
Do people have carpet?  Do they have windows? Do with windows have screens on them?  No. No one here has carpet its all tile or cement, ive seen one house with a rug but thats it. Windows yes. Its like Hawaii - the houses here are very open to get that good breeze rollin through the house. Screens no. You have to buy screens and no one uses them.
Do they have garages? Do they have garbage disposals or microwaves? Few houses have garages, and they dont have washing machines for dishes, dryers, or garbage disposals. Its funny I actually had this conversation with a memeber the other day. She was saying she saw this thing in a movie about some american things and she was like what is this? haha so yeah they dont have any of that stuff here. microwaves yes, washing machines for clothes yes. but thats it. 

soooo this week we had 3 days without water in our apartment..... You might ask why, so what happened was we live in an appartment. this apartment has one tank of water above it. Its fairly large its about 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide. so when you start to use water the tank automatically starts to refill BUT if you use all the water in the tank, it needs to refill fully before anyone can use the water.
So its been freakin hot this week so everyone in our appartment was using water so the water just stopped flowing. so we wait a day and on tuesday we still have no water so we went and asked and he explained what was happening and said we should have water by tomorrow night  and at like 9 on wedsnday night we finally had water.

Soooo dont worry we still showered. haha we have a spigot out side of our house that still had water -____- so we filled a bucket with water and use that to shower. it wasnt pretty but it was less smelly.

I also will be transfered tomorrow to the area of Petropolis! so im pretty excited but at the same time im super sad to be leaving Elder L. He is the sickest dude ever and ive had so much fun with him here. But all good things must come to an end. its a way I can learn from other people and become better. Im excited

so it rained the other day and the sewage system here is supppperrrrr bad so it doesnt have to rain much to flood. so this picture is the road to our appartment... this isnt the only road to our appartment but the other way was more flooded. so yeah we had to just keep on truckin. 
To be honest I took off my shoes which might have actually been worse but I took off my shoes and walked through this water that was like knee high. it was not fun wading through sewage. 

But I love you guys!! hope you all are doing welll! love you"!

Elder Hamm

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