Sunday, January 25, 2015

Pretty Sweet

this is me and freddi.  He's super sick and has super cool eyes. 

So this week was pretty sweet. so we're living in a house with 4 missionaries thats really meant for 2 so its pretty cozy to say the least.
To start as always, Questions from my dad,
what is your favorite hymn? Hmmm dont really have one they are all pretty sweet
Do you eat meals with members?  What do they feed you? Is it dinner or lunch? Weeelllll its like this, most days they sit us infront of a television and us 4 missionaries just eat and joke and laugh and its a gay ol time. Sundays we always eat with the families cause its Sunday and we always have rice, beans, some chicken or beef, and fruit juice to drink. We always have rice and beans but some days when its like 39-40 degrees out side its super hard to eat hot rice and beans. Haha I dont think Ill ever get used to that.

So this week I managed to convince the bishop that I dont speak a LICK of portuguese. we were in the car on the way to church sunday and he was joking with my comp about giving a talk on sunday and my comp (who never hesitates to throw the whole world under the bus) suggested that the other two Elders sing a duet because they love to sing (which is a complete lie). So they laugh and then he saids that Elder Hamm should give a talk because he's more new to the area. So the bishop says ``oh no lets give Elder Hamm some more time, we know that he struggles with portuguese´´ and everyone in the car kinda just looks at me and in the thickest accent I said ``Eu saber como falar muito bem. Eu ter a capacidade para falar muito bom muito bem.´´ and everyone in the car just busts out laughing and the bishops like ``yeah we´ll give him some more time.
So now every time he tries to talk to me I just dont congagate anything and use my american accent. hahah

This week was also kinda interesting and just kinda shows you never know whos counting on you. So we needed to talk to the assistants to the pres this week about something I dont remember, so Elder C calls them up and jokingly the first thing he says is ``Man I cant stand Elder Hamm I need to be transfered this week.´´ And Elder G (assistant to the prez) who I know pretty well cause he was in my last zone and hes super chill was like, ``what?! You have got to be kidding me?? What could you possibly be fighting with Elder Hamm about??´´
 And I was just a little taken back, in a good way, that he knew that I was a pretty chill person and he had confidence that I wouldnt really cause any problems with Elder C.  So that was cool. 

But yeah so this week we were teaching this middle aged lady and shes like you guys dont believe in God and as it says in the bible in Matthew 6:24 ``No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and Mormón.´´
And both me and my comp exchange glances like, what is this?! My comps like, ``where is this scripture? Geez Senhora if this scripture exists I will rip off my name tag right now and join your church.´´ So we open up the scriptures to this chapter and she reads it and just looks at us. She still doesnt get it, so we're like, read it again. So she does. And im like read it ONE MORE TIME but this time focus on the last word.... So this time she reads it and when she gets to the end shes like ``Mammon.... ohhhhhh´´ and things got really awkward hahah but it was funny.

So yeah the mish is pretty sick, Im gonna be honest out of our district leader and his comp and me and my comp, Im the only one awake at 6:30 untill really like 8-8:30ish. Haha Its not so bad but yeah thats how my week's going. Hope Josh is enjoying being home!! Its crazy to think that hes finishing his mission like Right now but hey thats life. just 2 more years and Ill be home!! haha love you guys

Elder Hamm 

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