Sunday, January 4, 2015

Feliz Natal! e Feliz ano novo!

So its crazy but the mission is just FLYING BY!! Its funny cause my comps at 1 year mission time and im like man thats like forever. But right now Im almost half way there! 
So dads questions
Plans for New Years – do they have fireworks or parties etc? Yes there will be the works but there are always fireworks going off somewhere in this city.

Any other Christmas festivities there that were new or different? Did I tell you guys yet? They celebrate christmas on like the 24th cause at midnight on the 24th they have a dinner to kinda welcome in the birthday of Christ. I tried to explain to them that if they stay up this late, santa claus wont come but they didnt believe me!

Are most people you meet able to read? No. Literally, its impressive. The generation above this generation here is illeterate. Im not sure if the pattern will continue with this new generation, but in almost all of our lessons when we ask people to read from the bible or to read something they say, oh no you can read it. Or they pass it to their kid to read. So right now just off my own perception, it looks like most 20+ year olds here cant read-especially in certain parts of town. While their kids who are 13-17 can read so mabye this is a generation who want to learn to read I dont know. Theres the study of Elder Hamm for you all.
So this week something interesting happened, and I would like to try and relate it without offending any other religions. So if you are of another religion please dont take offense, but use this as an opportunity to reflect on yourself and learn a little more.
So me and my comp were walking down the street on the way to an appointment when some very brave guy started yelling in our faces and telling us all the things that are wrong about our church.
He didnt get very far since he started with, ``you teach with your mormom bible.´´ At which point I unzipped my bag and pulled out my Holy Bible that all the churches use in brazil. I said ``this one? We use the same bible as you, the same one all the prophets of God wrote in, do you have a different one?´´
He responded ``is this the one that Joseph Smith wrote?´´
We said no, but we use this one too. Then we went on to explain The Book Of Mormon and how we use both books to testify of Jesus Christ as it says on the front cover. Another Testament of Jesus Christ. 
Long story short he continues screaming at us and my comp kindly tells him that he doesnt really have a good spirit around him but if he would want to learn about our chruch we would love to give him a lesson some day in a more calm enviorment. at which point he kinda ended the little respect I had for him by saying ``no I already know about your cult, my church gave a class about it.´´
At which point my comp kinda lost it, im gonna be honest. He's like ``oh the same one that said we dont use the bible? And all the other things we showed werent true?´´ At which point he whipped out the scripture in Ephesions 14:12-15 which talks about having apostles, prophets, pastors, doctores untill we all reach the unity of faith.
So my question for you is the same one my companion left with this man. If we´re not all here at the unity of faith, where is this church with apostles and prophets and everything else? Im here to testify that this is that church. The Chruch of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is that church. It is the church that Jesus Christ built and established and Joseph Smith restored this Church in these Latter Days in the exact form that Jesus Christ left it. The proof of this is the Book Of Mormon. Read it. Pray about it. Its the main way you can know if this church is true or not.
I love you guys and hope you all have a good new years!
Elder Hamm

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