Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Jacob had a crazy week, mostly because of transfers and Carnival in Brazil.  He was unable to email until Wednesday.  Then he just emailed family and just asked us to piece together some information for you all! 

haha man sorry this week was sooo crazy. the amount of mission work we did this week was an all time low. bro, the street we live on is the main street for carnaval so every freaking night there was a party out side our house man.
but we couldnt work cause we couldnt pass through carnaval without being spit on or mocked and me and my comp are both kinda itchin to fight someone. haha so we tried but the assistantes called and told us to stay in our house. haha so we watched some movies about the bible and some about the church 

What is this?  A walk like Jacob contest?  (Nathan was clearly the winner.)  Tell nate hes lucky i wasnt there. 

I have some videos i want to pass to you guys, ask josh to make a family drop box. I think that'll work... yeah i warned Levi to stay away from family councils.... unless you have 4 hours of you life you don't mind wasting on stupid quotes from movies and inside jokes. haha

man this week was carnaval and transfers and this week was freakin crazyyyy man. I wish I could tell you guys all about it but I dont have alot of time.   I love you guys all is well and  I think ill have time to send you a long email next time. but man.... carnaval..... hahaha CRAZYYY

love you dad so much. miss you guys.

thats so awsome. good to know everything is well in home and im not fogotten hahaha 

yeah B isnt doin so good mom. he got in a fight at carnaval and someone stabbed him 8 times and beat on his head like a drum. we ran to the hospital when we found out and gave him a blessing.  for the most part the stab wounds were in the arm but he had one right below his jaw and one right next to his spine. he is one blessed guy. 

awww.. I love bro thomas. 

so I stopped eating so much candy and i am flossing and brushing EVEN THOUGH FLOSS COST ME 8 REAIS.

love you so much mom so much happened this week and im so sad that i dont have time to tell you all about carnaval and the craziness that happened but  I love you. i think this will be it. i sent a part to dad ask him for it and maybe you can post a little something on the blog. haha love you sooo much mom im so glad youre all doing well love you so much

Elder Hamm

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