Monday, February 23, 2015

Just another week na missão

Questions: Have you done any singing on your mission – like with a choir or quartet or anything? eh we did something in the CTM but other than that, nothing.
Does anyone speak English there? not really... everyone is trying to learn english and people who do speak it pretty well are embarressed because of their accent and dont really speak it to me. 
What do you eat for breakfast?  eggs. fried, boiled, omlet style with onion and cheese, fried and stuck between bread with cheese is good. but normally its eggs and some fruit I bought the night before... if I didnt eat all the fruit the night before. haha
Do they have “kings cake” for Carnival (and did you get the baby)? no, just a lot of alochol and beer. 
Sooooo something the church didnt know when they bought our house, is that the road Quisama is the main road for carnaval! So yeah for 4 nights straight starting at like 7 we had a party out side our house with music blasting and girls dancing and people drinking till like 4 in the morning. they closed off the road and everything. it was crazy! we had to go home at like 7 every day cause when festivites start we have drunks tuanting us and girls touching us and its just ugly and not safe for all the people taunting us, So for their own safty we were trapped inside our house evey night starting at 7. which kinda stunk but whatever. haha
But yeah Bruno is good hes recovering well, hes now left our area to go to his dads house :( but I think well leave to visit him some time. its like in the are of our zone leaders. 
but yeah we got a new elder in our house! Elder J!  My comp is still Elder C and I freakin love him.  It's a love hate like relationship, you know?  
we are teaching the Craziest lady this week and she literally is.... just freakin crazy. we already taught her 2 lesssons and one lesson was all about authoridade. authority to baptise and stuff. and I got to hand it to my comp cause normally when someone doesnt understand the first time he just saids, alright, can we pray before we leave? hha but we tried to explain this to her for like an hour and at the end I invited her to be baptised by someone who has the authority of god and shes like, ``be baptised in my church or your church?´´ and I just kinda look at my comp and he tries to explane it reallllllyyyyy slooowowwww for her and shes just like, i dont think im understanding very well... and im like WHAT LANGUAGE DO YOU SPEAK!? CAUSE WERE BOTH SPEAKING PORTUGUESE!  
Oh this week we´ve been doing visits with S whos 15 and hes super sick. I ll send you a pic. he really doesnt say anything to anyone but me and Elder C and his mom and bro.Then this week we were going up this montian with literally 1,000 stairs to visit R whos a RC and hes awesome but hes already a less active. So its kinda the fevellas. or like the hood. so were climbing the stairs and a dude covered in tattoos smoking, heaven knows what, saids ``I like you guys, you guys arent (insert swear word in portugues here) like those other two who are too scared to take a bullet so they dont come up here.´´ I get this kinda puzzled look on my face and look at my comp who has the same look and we look at S who immediately does a 180 and starts to descend... hahaha we´re like, ``Is someone up here shooting off rounds that we should know about?´´ hahah but we literally know everyone in this mountion. everyone shouting elders! elder hamm! and they call elder c, Caio (kyle) cause thats his first name and he hatessss it. haha but all the little kids know us and all the moms and old guys so its pretty chill. they always run up and down the stairs with us yelling, ``when are we gonna fly a kite with us?! or play soccer!? haha its preetty cool. 
But yeah I love you guys!! miss you all so much! stay warm, I hear its freezing ahaha love you guys!
Elder Hamm

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