Sunday, February 1, 2015

And then there was one....

Everytime I look at this freakin dog I laugh so hard.  haha  We knocked this door and this dog came runnin over and he just sat there smiling at us.  not growling or anything just smiling.  it almost looked painful. hahaha me and my comp laughed for a good 10 minutes at this dog smiling.
So yeah My brother Josh is home now from his mission and its pretty tough being the lone wolf in the fam bam now still out here serving God and stuff but you know what they say... *insert cheesey quote here* How inspiriational. 

So this week I was pretty freaking sick for a day. I was up all night throwing up and dry heaving and such but luckily it was slightly drizzling and in a part of our house, where we hang our clothes, we don't have a roof so I sat in the rain for a while just kinda laying there dead till my comp got up to go to the bathroom and started freakin out cause I wasnt in my bed. Haha so yeah that great but in the morning it was work as usual. 

Work as usual... not really sure why because NO ONE HERE IN PETROPOLIS IS LOOKING FOR JESUS! We knock doors all week long and ask for references and work with the area book and everything and NO ONE wants to listen to us. 
So we got a call from the President yesterday saying that we need to kinda change up our game plan. Funny how God works cause we had already had a plan to change things up we just didnt know how. 

So the presidente said that we need to only knock doors for like 2-3 hours a day and the rest of the time work with members. we need to try to stop working so much with our own force and start getting the members to bring people to church, get them to hand out Book of Mormons (or Books of Mormon ;) ) 

So you guys remember Freddi the dog? He spent the night in our house the other day. Haha we were visiting a lady wayyyy on top of a mountain and Freddi followed us all the way home which is like a 30 minute walk. 
We kept trying to get him to go home but he kept on running ahead then waiting for us then running ahead again. Im not even gonna try to hide the fact that I loved it and it was awesome. 
this is a spider I had a bad dream about right after I took the picture 
So we get home and Freddi is wagging his tail next to us and all 4 of us needed to go to Bramil (the grocery store thats super big in Rio, also right next to our house) so we try to enter but Freddi just walks right in following us like he's some human. Haha so we try to ditch him outside and we think it works untill we're in the milk section and we see Freddi with those crazy eyes come screetching around the corner with 3 workers chasing him. All four of us just bust out laughing and explain that we'll wait outside with him while the other 2 missionaries buy some stuff. 
So we let him into our house and he just kinda collapsed on the floor and when we got up the next morning he was still there so when we left at 10:30 we opend the gate that leads to our house and he took off on the path towards home. 

but yeah that was my week hopefully next week will be more fun. This week we have plans to fly a kite with some less active kids in our ward. Everyone flies kites here its crazy and just like in the book ``The Kite Runner`` they all are battling with their kites trying to cut others and its super sick cause you can always look up and see at least 10 kites battling it out. so yeah

I love you all so much and Im kinda sad I cant be home for Josh to welcome him home but its all good. thats life right? Love you guys,

The only current,

Elder Hamm

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