Monday, February 2, 2015

It's the fruit

So yeah, Dads questions. I do like your questions because they remind  me of funny expierences that have happened and give me a chance to tell a story or to show you guys a little insite to my life as a missionary.

what is the best thing about summer in Brazil? The fruit. Hands down. There are so many mango trees that have little mangos the size of my fist and we just pick them and eat them as we go. There is so much fruit trees here and just things to eat while youre walking. Its pretty sweet. 
You said you eat lots of beans and rice – are they always the same or is there a variety? So its like this. In Rio most people use Black beans which is thick and have a really strong flavor. I like the Menas type of beans which is like a brown beans and I think its less strong more flavorful. 

But yeah so every Sunday we have the sacrament where they break the bread and we eat it to renew our covenanats of baptism and take part of the atonemnt of Jesus Christ. So last sunday the pieces of bread they gave us where... well lets just say Ive eaten dounuts smaller than that bread. I was passing it out to the congragation and at one point I was lost as to who had gotten it and who still needed it, but as I glanced around the 50 people congragation I noticed the first person I gave the bread to, was still trying to chew and swallow so that was kinda a nice clue as to who still needed it. Im serious! they were like the size of dinner rolls! Im not gonna complaine it was great bread but seriously!! They were hugeeee!

So you guys cant even fathom how exausted I was this week. So we have this investigator who is a sister of a recent convert we love and go to her house at most 4-5 times a week (when i get on the computer during the week its because im at her house). So her sister was moving to live in the house next to her... only her house is on top of a hill with about 400 meters of stairs. With a incline of about every 10 steps your at head level. So yeah we had to hall ALL OF HER STUFF UP THAT FREAK STAIR CASE. Then because she wants to do some work on her house, we hauled all the freakin cement and all the sand and tile and bricks up those stairs as well. with us 4 missionaries and her son, it took about 3-4 hours. Yeah needless to say that service project stopped our missionary work for at least the rest of the day. haha

But yeah im doin good. The internet was down in all of petropolis and I wasnt sure if i was gonna have time to get on and email...but dont worry. haha Love you guys so much miss you guys. 

Elder Hamm

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