Monday, May 4, 2015

Fourth transfer's the charm!

How does your area compare to the rest of your mission given what other Elders have told you? welll.... I dunno I dont really like to talk about my difficulties or success and I really try to avoid comparing me to anyone, or my area to any area because nothing makes me more mad than people who make excuses for the success they´re not having. Every area has bad times and good time, different problems and struggles. These difficutlies are yours to use as an excuse and complaine about, or try to help change. Its funny cause in the end the biggest change you´ll really see isnt in your area, its in yourself. 

Do they have a Mother’s Day there?  Dude. For evey holiday they have in the united states, Brazil has that... and 3 more. Seriously, every month theres like 3 or 4 holidays for random things. But Brazil does have a "kids day" like a fathers day and mothers day. 

What is your current favorite treat? my favorite treat.... hmmm... I like condennsed milk alot. And here they use it as a topping for pretty much everything. But I also like the fruity gummy candy they sell here in big bags. Its like the consisstancy of a tootie roll but a fruity flavor. 

But yeah so you guys remember that little surpise party I hoped that no one would know about? Yeah... So this sunday was testimony meeting (where every first sunday of the month members from the congregation will get up and bear their testimony) and the grandma of the girl got up there and right when she started talking I knew we were outted. So she starts off all good and then shes like, "this week the elders went to the birthday party of my grandaughter. And my daughter in law....blah blah blah.... She saw them havin a good time and laughing and now wants to hear their messages..." So the bishops wife was sitting behind me and shes like, "okay elder hamm, went there to share a message, saw cake, and stayed for the festives eh?" Haha and now our invistigator who was sitting beside me wants to have a party and invite all her friends and is saying that we haveee to come. so yeah... that didnt really end too well.

But as for transfers!!! I will be staying in Cascatinha for one more transfer with Elder Howard. And you know what they say! Fourth transfers the charm! Haha Love you guys!! Miss you guys a lot!!

Elder Hamm

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