Monday, May 25, 2015


Where do you shop for groceries?  Bramil. Its like harris teeter of Rio de Janeiro and its right next to our house so its super convenient. 

Where do you get your hair cut?  Me and Howard are the only two white clients of this hair cuttery place in this little allyway of the street Q. The first time we went there I saw 4 black dudes cutting hair and like 50 fotos of their clients who are also have that black curly hair. Me and H were like, "I'm not even sure they cut white peoples hair..." So I asked. And they all kinda laughed and so we always go there cause they give us that good shape up. Haha

What is your favorite thing to eat they have served you? hmmmm I dunno. There´s a lot of things here that I freakin love to eat. The food here is pretty much all around good. 

Sooo yeah. This week was pretty good. Nothing really out of the ordinary. Me and H tried to make mack and cheese the other day! needless to say, we ended up with a hugggge pan of cheese and about a handfull of noodles to put it on. And it still wasnt as good as krafts. But yeah. 

So here in brazil they have a lot of avocados. And right now is the time to eat them. But here in Brazil, they are a little different. So the avocados here are about the size of a football. A slightly smaller football, and they stay green! So literally everyone is giving us avocados right now. Haha we have like 12 inside our house and I dont even like avocados that much! 

So here in Brazil no one eats avocado with salt. Its more of a sweet fruit. You can put it in the blender with a little milk and sugar and make a vitiman shake or you can just put a little sugar on it and eat it with a spoon. Its really good if you put sugar on it and lemon or lime juice. But my favorite style is still guacamole. So we wil make a bunch of guacamole and give it to all the Brazillians who are giving us avocados cause no one here knows what guacamole is.

So this week we also Baptised 2 of our investigators!! G who weve been teaching for about a month now and also K who we´ve been teaching for two weeks! Ive never seen anyone with the faith that G has, if I had half as much faith as G I could probably walk on water. But seriosly she has incrediable faith in Jesus Christ and the power he has. K is 10 years old and she is the daughter of a part member family. The whole family was less active in the church so we decided to visit them. After a while we learned that the whole family but the dad and K was baptised so we challenged her to be baptised and she accepted! As for the dad and G's husband... We´re still working on them but I know they´ll come around. 

Thats about it for this week! I love you guys! miss you guys sooo much!!! Give everyone back there a big hug for me!!


Elder Hamm

P.S. - Just a shout out about a mission.  Seriously the mission is the only time where you´ll truly depend on other people, go to bed hungry, wake up with nothing in the fridge, go out in 45 degree weather wearing a shirt, tie and long pants, get rejected over and over and over again. spend 24 hours 7 days a week next to someone you literally cant stand. Let someone spit in your face, throw rocks at you, and not have 10 cents to your name, AND STILL, after all that, call these 2 years the best 2 years of your life. 

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