Monday, May 11, 2015


 So you are in “Petropolis” – but your area isn’t really Petropolis, so is that your district or zone? Thats my zone, Petrópolis, my district is actually Correias and my area is Cascatinha. Complicated nah?

How many Mormons are there in the area? I think like 500 or more but right now we have a frequência of like 50

 So you have been there 6 months – tell me about a family or two that you love and that helps take care of you. Well of course theres Irmã A cause shes awesome. We bought a box of chocolates and a flower for here for mothers day. Then theres the bishop and his wife. His wife, Irmã c is freakin awesome and she has a daughter who just got back from a mission in salvador so they take really good care of us, she drove me to the hospital and back this week so we also bought a box of chocolates and a flower for her to thank her. 

But yeah, so I went to the hospital this week! That was loads of fun. Ill just sum it up cause I already told you guys on the call, but basically I was helping Irmã a move some stuff and I fell and 3 nails went into my hand. One above the rist (which was the deepest, like 4-5 centameters) and two other on the side of my hand which only went in like 2-3 centemeters. But yeah it was bleeding like crazy and the fact that the nails were 1,000 years old the presidents wife said that I need to go to the hospital to get it cleaned and take a tetanus shot. I told her, what can I say, just trying to be more like Crist ;) all hole-y and stuff. 

Haha but yeah Ill send you ugys a picture of my hand. its lookin good now. Ill also send you guys a picture of my buddie who let me use his hoodie cause it was freezing and mine was wet. but yeah hes awesome and this hoodie makes me look like a thug. haha his name is lucas. but yeah  I love you guys!! miss you guys!!

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