Monday, May 18, 2015


Zone picccccc

What is your stove like?  We have a stove like we have at home but the gas is in a can inside a hole in the wall that costs freakin 60 reais to refill.
What is something American that you find there? So they have this store called lojas americanos. which means american store. And they have everything... everything brazillian. the only american thing I found there is skittles, milkeyway, snickers and little candies like that. But its a store that kinda feels like im home. Even though no one speaks english, me and H try to talk english with everyone who works there. Hahaha
Are there any fast food restaurants there that you enjoy? eh, we dont really go to restaurantes very often. its more like a bread store that has a little bar of food that normally has rice, beans, some type of noddles, meat, french fries and salad. But I have gone to habibs once with elder L and it was good. 

So yeah this week a lot happened actually.
Freakin pb and j com chocolate milk man.
U.S.A. oh btw I got your packages!
So in Cascatinha really no one wants to hear our message and I was freakin tired of knocking doors for hours and hours so I was talking to my Zone leader and he was like, well have you guys fasted? and I was like no... So this week we fasted as a district and miracles happened! 

So we all fasted saturday starting at 2ish and went 24 hours without food and without water. We all passed the names of all of our investigators to one another and fasted for the purpose that they will have a desire to be baptised and ask God if this church is true. So sunday comes around and only 1 investigator went to church out of our 12 investigators in the district. But we had faith that it would all workout. So during the second hour of church a member comes up to me and saids that her husband just changed his mind and wants his 9 year old daughter baptised in our church. and asked what day we could come over and teach her daughter. Then later before we left, P came up to me and said that one of her daughters friends, (who we´ve already taught and sometimes come to church but didnt have interest in being baptised) said that she wants to be baptised, and we just need the approval of her partents. THEN we went over to G and M a married couple who are literally the best and we were preparing her to get baptised and she said that she prayed and God told her this church was the true church. So we gave her the word of wisdom and she said that she would stop drinking coffee starting right now! So my testimony of fasting increased so much this week.

But there cant be all good news. for the past 4 months weve been visiting a family L. Me and Elder C found this family and started teaching them and helping them out and stuff. But a few weeks before we started teaching them their dad got really sick and fell into a coma. Me and Elder C went to the hospital to give him a blessing at the end of March and the weirdest thing happened. 

So in our church we believe in the blessing of oil like it saids at the end of chapter 5 in the book of James. We bless oil and then put a drop of it on the sick persons head and then we lay both hands on the persons head and consecraite that oil to bless and heal the sick and afflicted. Then we give him a blessing conforming with the words the holy ghost is giving us, with our hands still on his head. So when I went to give him a blessing, I wanted to say that he will get better and come home soon. But it was like I didnt even know how to speak portuguese. Like the gift of tounges stopped. I paused for 2 minutes thinking about what to say. and I ended up saying that he will have the force to withstand this challenge god gave him, among other things. At the end I closed the blessing in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. I looked at JM who was still in a coma and I saw he was crying. So of course at that moment in time, I think something from the ceiling fell into my eye and I started tearing up and C just kinda gives me a hug and was just kinda quiet. Sunday at 3 oclock he passed away. And the family is taking it really well, I think better than me. Haha but yeah. We´re all here on a ticket, traveling and when its our time its our time. Who are we to try and go against the will of God? 

But we got a lot of work ahead of us for the next few days so thats good. I love you guys I miss you all

Elder Hamm

Elder L is still in my zone.  This might be the last zone time
I'll ever see my trainer again.  

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  1. You're a great missionary! Thanks for sharing your experiences!