Monday, July 6, 2015

Another Sprint

A former missionary visiting the area texted this picture to Mom,
"Just had family night with your son.  He's loving the mission, he's a hard worker,
and I really enjoyed getting know him in the mission!" 

When is the Brazilian independence day?  September 7th is their independence day. But my comp told me they dont really go crazy cause Theres no patriotism like American patriotism!

You said you were on a bus last week – is that how you get around your area most the time?  Do many members have cars? Man we were working like CRAZY last week but we had some really good results. Most of the time we walk cause the busses here are like 3,50 which is just stupid expensive. if were going to an area thats within 40 minutes of walking and want to take a bus, it would be cheaper to take a taxi. But our area is pretty big, the River divides our area, the LZ´s have one side and we have the other, thats slightly smaller but still pretty big. Its goes from Vista Alegre, till Presidente Vargras. 

Sooooo this week was still a dead sprint. But we had some good results. Something funny about this area is that I see some really large people. In Cascatinha there was no one fat cause everyone lived waaayyy up these stairs but here its all flat and i´d say about half the people here have cars (which is a lot).  

But yeah, let me just tell you about my favorite place in my area. Its called Villa Delgado. Its basicilly the most dangerous place here in Volta Redonda. Its next to the main road but theres one street in front, A bunch of houses with narrow hallways to the street behind all the houses, a little dirt then the Rio Paraíba.  So why do I love it so much? Because it started with one person we were teaching there and then we started teaching her brothers and sisters then they all invited their friends to see the American talk about Jesus and then one day we were there and I was talking to my comp and I was like, "C, I´ll give you 20 Reais if you grab one of those chickens." (there were like 20 chickens by the side of the street and the other side was the river) And C is like, "yeah right I´ll give you 40 if you grab one." So we gave our lessons and me and 4 of the kids there started trying to grab a chicken and before I knew it we had like 20 kids all running after chicken trying to grab one! So we became friends with all the little kids there and all the people there so its a neighborhood that I feel welcomed by everyone but the police which enter with guns raised every day, most days they´ll enter 4 or 5 times looking for drugs or money. OH mom I also adopted a dog here that I´m bringing home with me. hes a mix but super sick dog. I´ll send a pic next week.

But yeah this week we were able to Re-activate a mom and baptise her son C! Her other son is 7 but he said that when hes ready to be baptised he wants me to baptize him! Haha The big guy in the photo is my bishop and the guy next to me is Elder M. hes my LZ whos super chill and super awesome. The white elder next to C is J who is also super sick. We got a lotta love in our house. Haha but yeah This week was great and next week will be great too. We have a lady we already prepared for baptism but shes 83 and our water heater is out of gas so if we dont get some gas in the church before saturday shes literally gonna die in the font. So we´ll see how that goes. but yeah I love you guys!! miss you all so freakin much I´ll send some pics but you cant yell at me to cut my hair cause im gonna cut it tomorrow or this weekish. actually one of my investigators will cut my hair. but love you guys!!!

Elder Hamm

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