Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hump Day

How did the nail wounds in your hand heal up?  Suppppper sick. Haha but really it healed up nicely. 

Where do people go on vacation there? cabo frio, Angra dos Reis (man that place is sick just to look at the pictures of crystal clear beach waters)  

How often do you eat at members homes?  Here we eat lunch amost every day at a members house. Only like 3 times por week we receive money to buy things and eat in our house. 

Do you burn shirts at your hump day? I dont burn anything... actually thats a lie. But I dont burn anything of value because I am my fathers son and my dad doesnt like anything to go to waste. haha BUUTTT I do have some shirts that have permanant stains and one has a hole that I stitched shut so it looks like a bullet hit me and so yeah I might just burn a shirt at 1 year. Haha speaking of shirts I might have to buy some more because they are all stained with literally all sorts of stuff. 

You know cause in the moment I always try to help people like I see some old lady trying to cut down bananas and im like, "oh can I help?" (mainly because it looks super cool and kinda a challenge to cut them down) and theyll say "no youre in such nice clothes, youll get all dirty!" and thats when I say something I probably shouldn't like "senhora If I go home clean I feel like I didnt even leave the house to work that day." or "Do you think that Jesus went home every day, without a speak of dirt on his shoes?" and thats why all my shirts have stains. And another thing, Im not even ashamed of my stains! but really I think im gonna buy some more clean shirts. haha especially since on wednesday ill be seeing a member of the quorum of 70.

So yeah this week was good, you guys remember that green parrot from my last email? So we went over to their house again this week (they live wayyy in the boonies but we had someone to teach) and I was messing around with this parrot. So I put my finger on the edge of the cage and this dude sneakly comes over and pecks it. so I was kinda startled so I let out a "woooah" and whipped my finger back. So this parrot literally starts laughing like one of the most cynical laughs ever. Haha so I start playing with him and every time that he pecked my finger I would let out a little scream. So the dad calls my name and I look over and right when Im not looking this parrot bites my finger and hunks a chunk off! And then starts laughing!!! Hahaha so now I have a little hole in my finger from a parrot. 

So monday we played ball at O's house and her husband who passed away was a soccer player for flemango and then a famous doctor here in Barra Mansa so she has lets just say money to blow. So we get there and shes not even home. but we see this guy bbqing some food and hes like if you guys wanna eat now you can or you guys can play ball first. haha She payed some guys to cook food for us. Then we played some soccer and invited him to play. it was super sick. she had a pool too and it was SO freakin hard not to jump into that pool. but we played with water balloons so that was cool. 

So wednesday at night I will go back to my old area Cascatinha to sleep there for one night!! Then on Thursday I will listen to elder Claudio R.M. Silva give a talk to us about missionary work in Correas. so that should be sick. 

We also had a ward party for Junina! its basically like a country fest. haha its super awesome and we had a booth that was all about missionary work and we handed out 7 books of mormon and like 8 packages of the pass along cards. its freakin sweet Ill send you guys some photos. but I love you guys!! miss you guys lots!!! 

Also O and L are the two super nice kinda old ladies who keep putting photos of us on Facebook! we have a family night with them every sunday at like 5ish then they make us a dinner ish thing and dessert cause they live all alone and their granddaughters who live near them like the missionaries and arent members. Haha so basicly their freakin sweet and I love them ahha

so on the 23rd we have plans to stop working around 7ish and to go celebrate my 1 year. haha we have like 5 people from the ward and 2 of our investigators who will be baptized hopefully next saturday who are gonna party with us. hahah love you guys!! 

Elder Hamm

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