Monday, July 27, 2015


this is presidente d who is the second counsler in the stake presidência who lives up the street from us and we have family night in their house evey sunday cause we love them. 

What do you wear most days when you go out working – long sleeves or short?  Are you crazy? Sister cascardi made a new rule that you cant roll up your sleeves so I almost always work with short sleeves. I only wear long sleeves sunday cause it looks better with a suit

How do you pick out which tie to wear?  Its basicly how im feelin that day. But I try to wear them all before repeating. You know how it is.

What is something that many people have on the walls in their homes? hmmm I dont really understand the question but some people have those statues of saints to worship? or photos? Haha

Soooo Elder Costa!! We got to hear him and I really learned a lot about how I can better myself and better my teaching abilites. I got a really strong testimony that despite our falts and our weaknesses, God will still call us to do his work because we have things that other people need, be it, knowledge, teaching ability, a good atidude, ext...

This week was pretty good. It was hard to work and have some good results cause really we only worked thursday friday and saturday because we had to travel to Petropolis and then the LZ´s had to do some interview in Itatia so I went with Matos to do the interview so Cruz could work in our area and Jardime in their area. It was cool. 

buttt yeah sadly I have to go but I llove you guys!! miss you guys so much!!

Elder hamm

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