Monday, October 5, 2015

The week where I was pretty much dead

This is L, the Stake presidents son. Hes in our ward and hes super chill haha. 

Dad´s questions

Not trying to make you homesick or trunky but what is something you miss most on your mission?  Haha talking to girls. Thats definilty something im missing. That and adrenaline. You dont get much adrenaline on the mission because... well youre not really doing anything daring or life risking.

What is one thing that being in another culture has taught you that you will try to incorporate into your life? Just to be grateful for the little things. And try to see things from other peoples' viewpoints. It´ll make you understand them better, sympathize better and really love them better.

So yeah this week was the struggle... I got this virus on friday from someone at the talent show and when we arrived home it was straight to the bathroom. Me and Elder M. So that kinda began my long night of throwing up and having diarrea every 30 minutes. And on top of that Im pretty sure I got vertigo in the middle of the night too. So everyone else wakes up saturday at 6:30ish (I didnt wake up because I really never slept...) and Im like "yeah Im gonna call sister C". So I call her and she tells me to go to the hospital and drink some tea..... Yeah she always says drink some tea... Haha 

So I try to walk but im literally so dizzy that I couldnt even walk to the hospital that was a 20-30 minute walk so M starts calling a few people and find out that im not the only one with this virus. But we finally call a guy in the ward whos always super nice and always wanting to help us out.  So he picks us up and in the car he starts talking and just the stuff he was saying, the fact that he was helping us out, I was kinda tearing up in the car. He said, "Oh you guys gotta call us earlier when you guys are sick, we´re here to help. I dont care if it's the middle of the night or early morning, we´re here for you guys. I know what its like, im the same way. I don't like to inconvenience people or make people go out of their way, but we´re here to help.  Do you guys need medicine or some fruit or something to eat?" And I was so dizzy I couldn't really respond but I don't think he will ever really know how grateful I am that he was there to help us and how his words really helped me out. He really has the love of Christ in him.

So we arrive in the hosptial and the nurse is trying to take down my information and I'm like, "M talk to her for me?" haha and M starts laughing but he tells her my information and stuff.  So long story short, I stay in the hospital for a few hours taking an IV with some medicine and then they tell me to go back home and to come back if im not feeling any better. 

So I slept through the first session of General Conference.  General Conference is a world-wide conference held by our church every 6 months.  There are 5-two hour sessions on the first weekend in April and October.  The living Prophet on the earth today, President Thomas S. Monson, the twelve apostles and various other church leaders speak.  It rocks!  It is uplifting and informational and inspirational and really cool.  Plus at home, we watch it on TV sitting on the couch and eating yummy snacks, together as a family.  

We went to a member's house to watch the second sesson. What kinda stinks about Brasil is that conference is only broadcast at the stake center which is in Volta Redonda. a 45 minute bus ride from here. But Sunday we got a ride to go there so I was taking some HEAVY medication in order to not explode during confrence and made it home Sunday night. 

But yeah that was about my week. We also had a talent show Friday where we had about 10 investigators show up and we all did a talent and a bunch of other people shared their tallents and then it kinda turned into a dance fest and someone put on that video game just dance and lets just hope for my sake that the mission presidente doesnt get his hand on some videos some members taped. Haha 

but yeah  Ilove you guys!! miss you all so much!!! 

Elder Hamm

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